Volume 1 Chapter 7

  1. Morals
    Social, religious or personal standards of right and wrong
  2. Ethics
    Rules or standards that govern the conduct of members of a particular group or profession
  3. Beneficence
    The principle of doing good for the patient
  4. Nonmaleficence
    The obligation not to harm the patient
  5. Autonomy
    A competent adult patient's right to determine what happens to their own body
  6. Justice
    The obligation to treat all patients fairly
  7. Tests of ethics
    Impartiality Test: Asks whether you would be willing to undergo this treatment if you were in the patient's place

    Universalizability Test: Asks whether you would want this action performed in all relevantly similiar circumstances

    Interpersonal Justifiability Test: Asks whether you would be able to defend or justify your actions
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Volume 1 Chapter 7
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