1. Mein Kampf
    Adolph Hitler
  2. Benito Mussolini
    Fascisti Party
  3. Theodore Morrell
    Hitler's Physicians
  4. Joseph Kennedy
    American Ambassador to Britain
  5. Predicted that would tone down once the country recovered
    Joseph Kennedy
  6. Given to France after world war 1 in 1936
  7. Union of Germany and Austria
  8. A meeting to discuss Hitler's demands for Sudentenland by Britain and France
    Munich Confeence
  9. Priemer of France
    Eduard Deladier
  10. Prime Minister of Great Britain
    Neville Chamberlain
  11. Attended the Munich Conference
    • Adolph Hitler
    • Eduard Deladier
    • Neville Chamberlain
  12. Giving the child what they want in hopes that they will demand anything else
  13. Roosevelt sends a ship on a fact finding tour
  14. ship that drops anchor in Yangtzee River in China
  15. Roaad to War: American 1914-1917
    Walter Millius
  16. One Hell of a Business
    Walter Millius
  17. Market of Death
    Walter Millius
  18. Walter Millius
    • Market of Death
    • One Hell of a Business
    • Road to War: American 1914-1917
  19. Chairman of Nye Committee
    Gerald Nye
  20. Committee to investigate whether the claims where valid
    Nye Committee
  21. Prohibets business and government from providing any kind of assistance to nations at war
    Neutrality Acts
  22. Journalist who warned readers that AH and the Germans posed a real threat not just for world peace but also American interests
    Dorthy Thompson
  23. Concerned about the repression that was happening in Germany (free speech prohibited)
    Howard M. Jones
  24. Convinced Roosevelt that the war in Japan is inevitable
    Billy Mitchell
  25. Long range heavy bomber, drops atomic bomb in Hiroshima
  26. Jesse Owens
    • Ties and sets 3 world records
    • wins 4 gold medals
  27. Berlin Olympics
    Olympic games held in Berlin in 1936
  28. Current champion heavyweight boxing
    Joe louis
  29. Challenger of Joe Louis in heavyweight boxing
    Max Schemelling
  30. Not included in the Munich Conference
    • Czechoslovakia
    • Russia
  31. Included in the Munich Conference
    • Britain
    • France
  32. Non-aggression Pact
    • Germany
    • Soviet Union
  33. Blitzkrig
    introduced by Germans; Lightning war
  34. Lutwaffe
    German Air Force
  35. Hans Bartram
    films the entire event, the blitzkrig
  36. Phony War
    period of 6 weeks where Hitler does nothing
  37. Attack Barbarossa
    attack on the Soviet Union on June 1941
  38. Lend Lease
    Program that shipped supplies from US to British (violation of the Neutrality Act)
  39. Tripartite Pact
    alliance between Germany, Italy and Japan in September 1941
  40. Burke-Wadsworth Bill
    the first peacetime act
  41. Cordell Hull
    Seceretary of state who is meeting with the Japanese delegate
  42. Isoruku Yamamoto
    Planned the attack in Pearl Harbor
  43. Pearl Harbor
    attack by the Japanese to the American naval base
  44. Two battle groups led by
    Chester Nimitz and D. MacArthur
  45. Coral Sea
    Japanese invade Australia but defeated by Americans
  46. Midway Island
    1800 miles from Hawaii..Last barrier before Japanese invasion of the United States
  47. D-Day
    Japanese allies ready to regain control of the European Continent
  48. Normandy
    Coastline of France
  49. Dwight Eisenhower
    launched an invasion at five points along the Normandy
  50. The Ten Thousand Plane Raid
    Massive Attack in Berlin
  51. Dresden
    attack on an industrial city in Germany
  52. Manhatten Project
    use radio active material to build weapon using the knowledge of Albert Einstein
  53. Robert Oppenheimer
    responsible fort he scientific aspect
  54. White sands, NM
    test the Manhatten project
  55. Harry Stimson
    secretary of war
  56. Tinian
    air base, to launch the attack on Japan
  57. Enola Gay
    plane captained be PAul Tibbetts
  58. Hiroshima
    First bomb by the United States to Japan
  59. Nagasaki
    an industrial city in Japan, Second Bomb of the United States to Japan
  60. August 15th, 1945
    Japan surrendered
  61. Emperor Hirohito
    addresses his people saying they have been victims of a weapon of an unknown type
  62. Okinawa
    US lost ten thousand men
  63. War Powers Act
    gives president unlimited power to do what he has to do to fight the war
  64. Henry Kaiser
    engineer, building the dam at Colorado River
  65. Henry Kaiser-Prefabrication
    an ocean going vessel required six months to be build
  66. Prefabrication
    reduced that tip to two days
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