History 2 117

  1. Political theory which trid to maintain approximate parity between nation states
    balance of power
  2. Resounding military victory for the Duke of Marlborough, and a signal defeat for Louis XIV's French forces
  3. the right of anyone being held to appear before a judge or magistrate and be charged or let free
    habeas corpus
  4. pact between holland, england, spain, sweded, austria, and others, formed to clock Louis XIV's aggression
    League of Augsburg
  5. ended the Thirty Years War, and generally thought of as the end of the Reformation
    Treaty of Utrecht
  6. the unexpected son of James II, meaning an eventual Catholic monarch on the throne of England
    warming-pan baby
  7. practical and cynical Prince of the Church who supported Protestant forces in the Thirty Years War as a way to promote French power
    Cardinal Richelieu
  8. Opposing sides in the English Civil War, supporting Parliament and the King, respectively
    Cavaliers and Roundheads
  9. Non-monastic order of especially well-trained, educated, and devout Catholic priests, also known as the "Soliders of Christ"
    Society of Jesus
  10. Second step toward religious tolerance, this gave French Calvinists some rights and protections while noting that France was a mostly Catholic country
    Edict of Nantes
  11. Created mathematical science of probability and argued that faith was a good bet, given the consequence of being wrong...
    Blaise Pascal
  12. Ended the War of the Spanish SUccession: guarantedd territorial integrity of Holland, secured the throne and colonies of Spain,k limited French expansionism, and gve Bitain slave-trading rights
    Peace of Westphalia
  13. Devoutly Catholic son of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, he squandered Spanish power trying to wipe out Protestantism in his own realm and anywhere else
    Phillip II
  14. English monarch, son of James I, whose stubborn assertion of the "Divine right of kings" cost him his head
    Charles I
  15. Long-running Catholic church conclave which institueted numerous reforms while confirming most theological doctrines
    Concil of Trent
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