History Test 2

  1. Hugouenot leader who converted to Catholicism as King Henri IV, saying "Paris is worth a mass."
    Henri of Navarre
  2. Founder of the Society of Jesus, whose members were known as Jesuits
    Ignatius Loyola
  3. Spiritual "get out of jail" free passes, available from a friendly local priest for a nominal fee
  4. As "Lord HIgh Protector," this Puritan soldier/statesman ruled England for a dozen years
    Oliver Cromwell
  5. English political philosper who famoulsy describved himan lives as "nasty, brutish, and shot
    Thoman Hobbes
  6. Basic statement or summary of lutheran beliefs
    Augsburg Confession
  7. Denial of the most acraments to an individual, usually to force repentance or to punish heresy
  8. the (not) Holy (not) Roman Emperor of the various German states who also ruled Spain, the Low Contries, much of Italy, and the Spanish claims in the New World
    Charels V
  9. Metting in 1521 at which Luther was called on the carpet and told to get his head straight
    Diet of Worms
  10. As Henry VII, he began the line of monarchs that ended with Elizabeth 1
    Henry Tudor
  11. Denial of most sacraments, usually to an area controlled by a plitical figure and usally to foce compliance with the CHurch's will
  12. Conference at which the last chance for maintaining "a" Protesant church was lost
    Marburg Colloquy
  13. The belief that the Eucharist was simply in memory of Christ's blood and body is associated with:
    Ulrich Zwingly
  14. Much of his translation of the Bible into English was later incorporated into the King James's Version
    William Tyndale
  15. Protesants who believed in predestination, "the Elect" servies with minimal ritual, and clergy elected by the congregations
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