1. Napoleon ordered the establishment of ______________ in every major town to train government officials
  2. The Inquisitions prosecution of Galileo:
    Meant the center of modern science moved to northwest Europe
  3. An important implication of John Locke's tabula rasa was
    that education and enviroment are the dterminants of social progress
  4. THe enlightenment motto of "dare to know" is attributed to:
    Immanuel Kant
  5. In The Spirit of Laws, Baron de Montesquieu argued:
    in favor of spearating and balancing the powers of government
  6. The steam engine most decisively transformed the 19th-century world via the:

    C. Rainroad locomotive
  7. Peasants in pre-revolotuionary France paid a disproportionate share of the taxes, such as the corvee and the tithe to the church, but the most annoying was the tax on

    C. Salt
  8. The event which brought the French financial system to the brink of collapse was Louis XVI's support of:

    A. the English colonists in North America in their war of independence from Great Britain

    B. A free market economy urged by his finance minister and based on Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations
    A. the English colonists in North America in their war of independence from Great Britain
  9. For many peope, this event on Luly 14, 1789 is most representative of the French Revolution:

    A. Declaration of the Rights of Man

    B. the storming of the Bastille
    B. the storming of the Bastille
  10. Charlotte Corday's assassination of ______ in the bathtub probably made the Terror worse.

    A. Robespierre
    B. J.P. Marat
    B. J.P. Marat
  11. When the COmmittee of Public Safety fell from power in 1794, it was replaced by a more moderate group known as the:

    A. Directory

    B. Commissariat
    A. Directory
  12. The leader of the Haiian Revolution, who did not live to see independence, was:

    A. Toussaint L'Ouverture

    B. Marcel Marceau
    A. Toussain L'Ouverture
  13. Although France had been ruled by one committee or another sine 1789, this came to an end in 1799 when Napoleon Bonaparte assumed the title of:

    A. Caesar

    B. First Consul
    B. First Consul
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