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  1. amending the sonstitution
    hard, difficult
  2. necessary and proper cluase
    elastic clause, given congress more power, allowed them to use implied power
  3. gitlow vs new york
    free speech
  4. selective incorporation
    how we apply the bill of right to the states with the 14th admendment through the due process clause
  5. roe vs wade
    bortion right to privacy
  6. griswold vs connecticut
    birth control right to privacy
  7. brown vs board
    got rid of segregation in public schools
  8. social contract theory
    what our country is bassed off of. government can govern because the people gave their consent to be governed
  9. characteristics of american political culture
    freedom, capitalism, do not believe in economic equality, limited government, opportunity equal
  10. federalism
    divide power btw national, state, local. nation = powerful
  11. McCulloch vs. Maryland
    dealt with necessary and proper clause. banking system
  12. cooperative federalism
    marble cake. all 3 fed comes together and work together
  13. categorical vs block grants
    • categorical- specific thing you have to spend
    • block- spend on anything
  14. children's political views
    comes from parents
  15. public opinion polls- accuracy
    inaccurate when people don't care
  16. front-loading
    having the primary and caucus election moved up early
  17. purpose of gerrymandering
    partisan advantage for party's advantage
  18. incumbency advantges
    free posting (franking privilege), brand name, pac, gerrymandering
  19. primary vs general election voters
    primary- more educated, more money
  20. james madison -federalist #10
    factions, dangers of factions
  21. middle age voters' tendencies
  22. african americans' tendencies
  23. differences between political parties and interest groups
    • interest groups- worry about law not who's in office
    • political parties- worried about elections
  24. difficulty of primary elections
    can't go to far to the extreme in primary
  25. buckley vs valeo
    use as much money as you like if candidate
  26. interest groups greatest influence
    interest most when it is a small issue and not know a thing about it
  27. 25th dmendment
    dealt with vice presidentcy and presidential election
  28. presidential access to media
    use media to convince congress
  29. impact of president veto
    • line item veto (not constitutional)
    • 2/3 over ride. pocket veto (10 days)
  30. development of candidate- centered politics
    started happenin in the 20 centuries issued base voting
  31. news media impact on issues
    controls the way you think about it gives you a topic to talk about
  32. media trends in the us
    consolidation. narrowcasting
  33. ny times vs sullivan
    malace - did it on purpose
  34. media coverage of elections
    talk about both candidate. expert follows their elections
  35. cabinet members and loyalty to the president
    more loyal to own cabinet then to their president
  36. techniques of corporate lobbyists
    pac money. fund campaigns. take senator or congressman out to lunch. fly in experts
  37. divided government pattern
    president vs congress. past 30 yrs normal paterns
  38. congress override supreme court
    override with amendment. income tax (example)
  39. pork barrel politics
    bring home federal dollar to help the districts. does not benefit whole country
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