Forestry, Wildlife, and Aquaculture

  1. A MAJOR part of a wildlife officer's job includes:

    D) Working outdoors to monitor huning and fishing.
  2. Hope must monitor her aquaculture production system very carefully since the system confines fish in floating pens because fish:

    B) Cannot escape stressful water conditions b moving to other parts of the pond
  3. Tining practices are used in forests when:

    D) Competition among trees slows the growth of all trees.
  4. Carrying capacity refers to:
    The number of wildlife the habitat can support
  5. A DECREASE in habitat quality if often the result when:

    B) Population of wildlife in habitat is more than the carrying capacity.
  6. When a farmer leaves crop residue standing, the MOST likely result is:

    A) An increase in wildlife population due to increased food supply.
  7. Jimmy decides to use cage culture in his new aquaculture system. Which factor probably MOST influenced his decision?

    D) Fish are easily monitored for growth rates and feeding purposes
  8. Managed hunting is a term that refers to:

    D) Removing some game that would otherwise be lost due to natural causes.
  9. The BASIC goal of forest management is described as:

    C) Use of forest resources without depletion of forest lands.
  10. Kerry is raising farm grown catfish. What time of the day is he MOST concerned that the dissolved oxygen levels in his ponds may be too low?
    Early morning
  11. Lorie monitors the water quality very closely as she processes waste water through a biological filter before returning it to the growing area. Which system is she MOST likely using?

    B) Recirculating tanks
  12. What is selection cutting?
    Harvesting in a forest of trees different ages and mixed species
  13. Prescribed burning is used in the management of forests in order to:

    C) Remove excess leaves, reducing risks of wildfires.
  14. The agency in North Carolina responsible for controlling and harvesting of wildlife and fish is the :
    North Carolina Wildlife Commission
  15. Individuals who advise governments in establishing fish/game laws and habitat improement programs are called:
    Wildlife biologists
  16. The MOST popular Christmas tree grown comerciall in the mountain region of North Carolina is the:

    D) Frazier fir
  17. The MOST important commercially grown species of trees for lumber in the United States is the:
    Douglas fir
  18. A species of fish MOST often raised in aquaculture systems where there is cold, running water in streams is:

    B) Trout
  19. What tree species is commonly used in the construction of furniture, baskets, paneling, and veneer?
  20. What type of stress can cause some animals to slow down or stop reproducing altogether as a result of malnutrrition?

    C) Overpopulation
  21. Mr. Langdon left a brush pile when harvesting his woodlot. Why is it a good management practice for improving wildlife?

    D) Provides cover for shelter and protection
  22. Hunting and fishing are wildlife management practices which help reduce which pressure upon wildlife populations?

    D) Excess animal populations
  23. What tree species is used to make handles, baseball bats, boat oars, and furniture?
  24. A forest that has never been harvested by humans is called:
  25. A career that involves moving downed trees from the cutting site to the loading area is a:
    Skidder operator
  26. Pulpwood is MAINLY produced from:
    Loblolly pine
  27. A person who estimates timber volume is called a:
    Timber cruiser
  28. Who studies the effects of the environment on animal life?

    D) Ecologist
  29. The LEAST expensive method of replacing trees harvested from the woodlot is:

    A) Natural seedling.
  30. The scientific management of trees is MOST likely associated with:

    B) Silviculture
  31. What is the MINIMUM level of education reuired for a timber cruiser?

    D) High school diploma and special training
  32. What tree species is a hardwod used for structural timbers, florring, and furniture?
    White oak
  33. the seed tree method of harvesting involes cutting:

    A) All but a few of the larger trees.
  34. A person who assists the forest land owner in evaluating the value of timber is a:
    Timber cruiser
  35. A person who studies and manages forests is called a:
  36. Whose responsibility is it to enforce hunting and fishing regulations in order to manage wildlife?
    Game warden
  37. The minimum level of education required for a wildlife biologists is:

    A) A Masters degree
  38. A tree scale stick is used to measure:
    Tree volume
  39. The greater the density of fish in a system, the:

    A) More difficult the management.
  40. Ash is used in the construction of:

    B) Baseball bats.
  41. A tree diameter tape is used to:
    Measure the circumfrence of a tree.
  42. A planting bar is used to:

    A) Replant tree seedlings.
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