upper limb part 2

  1. what is the axillary artery a continuation of
    subclavian artery
  2. what does the axillary artery become
    brachial artery
  3. what are three parts of the axillary artery
    • 1st: superior thoracic
    • 2nd: thoraco acromial and lateral thoracic arteries
    • 3rd: subscapular, anterior and posterior circumflex humeral arteries
  4. which nerve roots form the brachial plexus
  5. what are the roots, trunks, divisions, cords and terminal branches of the brachial plexus
    • roots: anterior rami C5-T1
    • trunks:superior, middle and inferior
    • divisions: anterior and posterior divisions from each trunk
    • cords: lateral, posterior and medial
    • terminal branches: axillary, radial, musculocutaneous, median and ulnar
  6. which roots make up the superior trunk
  7. which root(s) make up the middle trunk
  8. which roots make up the inferior trunk
  9. which cord recieves all 3 posterior divisions (C5-T1)
    posterior cord
  10. which cord recieves anterior divisions from superior and middle trunk (C5-C7)
    lateral cord
  11. which cord recieves anterior division of inferior trunk (C8-T1)
    medial cord
  12. median nerve
    • middle of forearm
    • contacts brachioradialis
    • along side to brachial artery
  13. Ulnar nerve
    • medial side of brachial artery
    • along flexor carpi ulnaris
  14. musculaneous
    between brachioradialis and biceps
  15. radial
    • crosses lateral epicondyle to enter forearm
    • posterior to brachial artery
  16. brachial artery begins on the _____ _____ of teres minor and end in _____ _____
    • inferior border
    • cubital fossa
  17. what does the brachial artery divide into
    radial and ulnar arteries
  18. what are branches of the brachial artery
    prfunda brachii and ulnar collateral arteries
  19. what is the cubital fossa?
    depression on anterior surface of elbow
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