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  1. Functions of muscles: heat production
    muscle contratons generates heat and helps maintain the body tempature. approximate 85% of the heat produced by the body is result of muscle contraction
  2. Functions of muscles: Stabilizing joints
    The tendons of many muscles extend over joints and contribute to their stability
  3. Functions of muscles: maintain posture
    due to constant contaction of opposing pairs of muscles
  4. Functions of muscle: Movement
    Skeletal muscle contractions pull the tendons, which, in turn move the bones
  5. Properties of muscle: Elasticity
    The ability to return to the orginal length after contraction or extension
  6. Properties of muscle: Extensibility
    the ability to be streched
  7. Properties of muscle: Contractility
    the ability to shorten
  8. Properties of muscles: Excitability
    the abilty to receive and respond to stimulus
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