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  1. Joint (articular) capsule
    • encloses the joint (synoval) cavity. consits of two layers: fibrous capsule
    • and synovial membrane
  2. Menisci
    fibrocartilage pads that seperate articular surfaces of the bones
  3. Ligaments
    both intrinsic and extrinsic, may be present to reinforce the fibrous capsule
  4. Bursae
    fluid-filled sacs that cushion and reduce friction in areas where tendons, ligaments, or muscles cross bone. walls of bursae composed of dense connective tissue and lined by synovial membrane
  5. Articular cartilage
    composed of hyaline cartilage which covers articulating surfaces of the bones forming the joint
  6. Joint (Synovial) cavity
    a fluid-filled cabity beetween articulating bones
  7. Joint (articular) capsule: layer 2 Synovial memebrane
    Innermost layer, lines interior of joint capsule, execpt for aricular cartilage. the synovial membrane is composed of loose connective tissue and produces synovial fluid, which acts as alubricant to reduce friction, provides noruishement, and contains phagocytic cells to remove microbes and debris
  8. Joing (articular) capsule Layer 1: Fibrous capsule
    outermost layer, composed of dense, fibrous connective tissue. encloses joint surfaces. contrinous with periosteum. May be reinforced by ligaments
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