Psych Exam

  1. What happens to lenses? And what is it called?
    They become less flexible. Presbyopia.
  2. What happens to the lenses as they grow old?
    They become cloudy, hard to discriminate between colors, and trouble with glare.
  3. What reaches retina?
    Less light.
  4. Who experiences greater and earlier hearing loss?
  5. What are some general things that occur in 40-60's?
    less muscle, lower lung capacity, slower metabolism.
  6. Does reaction time slow down or speed up in 40-60 yrs?
    slow down.
  7. What are type 2 diabetes?
    Adult Onset.
  8. Is death more likely from natual causes?
  9. Is life expectancy increasing?
  10. What type of vision decreases?
  11. What is the brain loss at 70 yrs?
  12. What is the brain loss at 90yrs?
  13. What happens to the blood flow to the brain?
    It decreases
  14. What type of memory decreases?
    Short term
  15. What type of memory is preserved?
    Implicit memory (word fragment task)
  16. What is the major impairment in cognitive functions?
  17. What is reversible dementia due to?
    A Brain Malfunction. It is correctable.
  18. What is irreversible dementia due to?
    Brain Damage.
  19. What is an example of Dementia?
  20. What is Cortical Atrophy?
    Loss of tissue.
  21. What is reduced at this age?
  22. What are other causes of dementia?
    Parkinsons, huntington's, creutzfeldt.
  23. How is alzheimers diagnosed?
    Alzheimers can only be certaintly possible only from autopsy or biopsy.
  24. Is there a cure for Alzheimers?
  25. What are proposed causes of Alzheimers?
    Gentics (familiad and sporadicad)
  26. What is familialad?
    It runs in the family.
  27. What is sporadicad?
    occurs any time.
  28. What is Erickson's Last Stage?
    Integrity vs. Despair.
  29. What are monozygotic twins?
    They share 100% DNA
  30. What is Nature?
    heredity and maturation
  31. What is nurture?
    parents and society.
  32. What is continuity?
    No stages
  33. What is discontinuity?
    Stages, Think butterfly.
  34. What did the Learning Theory say?
    observe and immitation, aka modeling.
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