anatomy final 2`

  1. sensory connections
    • gustation=taste
    • olfactoin=smell
    • tactile=touch
    • thermal
    • proprioception=muscles/body awareness
  2. gustation
    • taste is triggered by chemoreceptors
    • -chemorec. generate a neural response realted to specific chemicals
    • -found on tongue, soft palate, epiglottis, and esophagus
    • -types: sweet- tongue tip
    • sour and salt- lateral tongue
    • bitter-posterior tongue
  3. nerves for gustation
    • VII facial
    • IX glossopharyngeal
    • X vagus
    • -converge in solitary tract of the medulla
    • -transmitted to the thalamus, tehn to the insula of the cortex
  4. olfaction
    • triggered by chemoreceptors
    • -found in epithelium of upper posterior nasal cavity
    • -detection of more than 1,000 distinct odors
  5. tactile
    • detected by mechanoreceptors in epithelium
    • -movement of hairs, touch, pressure, stretch
    • -superficial sensors more sensitive and respond to a limited area of stimulation
    • -deep areless sensitive respond to larger area of stimulation
  6. thermal
    • based on balance of activity for four types of receptors:cold, cool, warm, hot
    • -send signals continually
    • -each receptor fires most actively at a diff temp
  7. proprioception
    • awareness of posture and position based on the current stretch and tension of musculature
    • -stretch is detected by muscle spindle fibers located withing muscle
    • -tension by golgi tendon
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