1. what or room person is responsible for opening sterile supplys onto sterile field
  2. what is another name for surg tech in a traditional role
    scrub tech
  3. CRNA from what dept
    anesthesia dept
  4. what dept provides blood replacement services
  5. who do you call to fix broken equip
    bio med
  6. defenition of emergent surgery
    threating life or limb
  7. example of an elective surgery
    knee arthroscopy
  8. injury due to improper positioning can result in all team members being sued for
  9. who is responsible to identify the surgical pt
  10. if you take hot instruments out of autoclave how do you cool them
    sterile water
  11. immediatly after pt is placed from the stretcher to the OR table what do you do
    • apply the safety strap
    • 2" above the knee
  12. lost of mishandleing of a specimin can be determined neglence, it can also result in what
    • another surgical procedure
    • improper specimin prepration
    • improper specimin analysis

    answer--all the above
  13. biological indicators- why do we have them
    only thing used to ensure the sterlility of an item
  14. time out should take place immediatly before the surgical procedure in order to verify what
    • correct pt
    • correct procedure
    • correct side / site
    • correct implant
    • all team members agree
  15. what is a netural zone
    safe place for the placement of sharps
  16. always recapping hypodermic needles
    is NOT a sharp safety technique
  17. to establish neglence you have to prove
    plantiff must prove that the defedent had a duty to the plantiff
  18. maslow's hiarchy of needs what is the most basic
  19. what religious group doesn't premit blood transfusions
    Jehovia's Witness
  20. a pediatric patient is between the ages of
    birth - 12yrs
  21. a child less than 6 months old can not shiver so the child is at risk for
  22. in a normal child the testes will decend by the age of
    1 year
  23. what antibiotic can't be given to kids, because it causes staining of the emamle of their teeth
  24. if a pt has a pneumothorax there is an accumulation of air where
    pleural cavity
  25. severe bleeding may cause what
    hypovolemic shock
  26. during birth what is most common bone fracture
  27. when is a pt considered obese
    over 100 pounds
  28. what does the term Golden Hour mean
    giving care to a trauma victom within 1 hour
  29. when does an infant produce tears
    2-3 months of age
  30. in the OR where is the primary location for temp taken
    on the skin
  31. for a c-section why do we place a roll under right hip
    to remove pressure from the vena cava
  32. who mandates the wearing of protective attire
  33. what is the #1 organ injured in an MVA
  34. what name is given to the room that contains sinks for gross decontamination of instruments
    the decontamination room
  35. what does PACU stand for
    post anesthia care unit
  36. humidity should be no higher than
    55 degres
  37. what is OR room temp set at
    65-75 degrees F
  38. room where patients are recovered
    recovery room
  39. what machine that is found in the decontamination room uses cavitation
    ultra-sonic washer
  40. what are the air exchanges per hour
  41. Ecoli normally resides in the lumen of what
  42. why do most surgical infections occur
    contamination during the procedure
  43. why do you not put your hands in the axillary region (arm pit)
    area can not be view
  44. if you are sterile how do you pass each other
    back to back or front to front
  45. fluid bottles may be re-capped and re-used under what conditions
  46. the basis of practice for strict adhearance to sterile procedure is what
    surgical concious
  47. deff of sterile
    free of all micro organisms including spores
  48. insturments with multiple parts should be what prior to cleaning
    taken apart
  49. why do you not use saline to clean instruments
    salt pits the instruments
  50. what are some examples of mechanical hemostasis
    • clamps
    • sutures
    • clips
  51. what is the most common used hemostatic device
  52. when using the torniquet at what time does the circulator tell the surgeon
    1 hour
  53. during cardiac arrest what is the scrubbed surg techs primary role
    maintain sterlility
  54. first priority in an emergency is
  55. rubber tube that is drainage by capillary action
  56. instruments that are designed for exposing are
  57. suction tip usually used in ears
  58. general abdominal procedures use what type of instrument set
  59. drapes that have an adhesive back can be impregnated with an antimicrobial iodine are called what
  60. name of the machine that puts CO2 in the belly
  61. sponges used on small incisions are called
  62. type of surgical dressing that elimates dead space is
    pressure dressing
  63. pleuravac (chest tube drainage system) must be below the
    • patient or patient's bed
    • below lvl of thoracic cavity
  64. another name for neuro surgical sponges
    • cottonoids
    • patties
  65. what the name of the gas we put in the belly
  66. how do they put gas into the abd cavity
    with verees needle
  67. what are most insturments made of
    stainless steal
  68. curved needle holders are used for what type of procedures
  69. intentional cut through tissue is called
  70. which class of surgical wounds has the highest rate of infection
  71. healing when the wound is left open is
    second intention
  72. what is a raised thickened scar
  73. abnormal atachment of two surfaces or structures
  74. examples of an outer layer of dressing
    • montgomery straps
    • tape
    • elastic bandage
    • bandaid
  75. another name for suture diameter
  76. one most important thing the surg tech looks for on the suture box
    size and material
  77. area of tough connective tissue just beneth the skin
  78. suture attach to the needle at the
  79. another name given to rapid relealse
    controlled release
  80. what is a tie on a passer
    suture on a curved clamp
  81. what is the smalles diameter
  82. surgical gown from waist to 2" above the elbow circumfrencially is considered
  83. what part of the arm of your gown in unsterile
    the cuff
  84. what are custom packs
    packs containing your draps and supplies necessary for specific cases
  85. organisms on the skin that are easily removed are
  86. what type of gloving you use for urinary cath
    open gloving
  87. when you transfer drapes from back table to pt where do you stand to pass them
    same side as doc or pa
  88. pre-op case management what is the scrub doing
    • setting up room
    • opening supplies
    • scrub
    • don sterile attire
    • drape pt
  89. masks are handled by
    strings only
  90. do you change your mask in between cases
  91. can you wear a mask around your neck
  92. tables are how many inches away from something unsterile
    12-18 inches
  93. counts are preformed in what order
    • sponges
    • sharps
    • instruments
  94. shivering may cause
  95. normal pulse for adult
    60-80 bpm
  96. arm boards can't extend beyond
    90 degres
  97. what quadrent is your gallbladder
  98. another name for alimentary canal
    digestive tract
  99. appendix is attached to what
  100. what is the function of the colon
    make vitmin K
  101. function of the liver
    produce bile
  102. what position is the pt for a McBurney's incision
  103. what is a gastrostomy
    creating an opening from the stomach to the skin
  104. malonney dialators are used to dialate what
    the esophagus
  105. what is a colycystectomy
    removing the gallbladder
  106. what position is used to see the lower abd region
  107. remoal of the breast & acillary lymph nodes
    modified radical mastectomy
  108. connection of 2 hollow tubes of structures
  109. billroth 1 or 2 is what
    partial gastrectomy
  110. what is the uterine lining
  111. position used for a D&C
  112. most common site for ectopic pregnancy
    fallopian tubes
  113. whey do we use a folly cath during pelvic procedures
    decompress the bladder
  114. why do we do a circhlage
    for an incompetent cervix
  115. external female genitalia is called
  116. endometrious is what
    endometrial tissue outside the uterus
  117. during a tuboplasty what is indigo carmine used for
    to check tubal patency
  118. what is the most common reason for a c-section
    failure to progress
  119. what is another name for falopian tubes
  120. what is oxytocin for
    induce labor
  121. what do they grab the facia with on a c-section
  122. how many counts on c-section
  123. surgical procedure where you place a large diameter stitch through the cervix at the internal os
    shirodkar's procedure
  124. another name for an AP repair
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