Positive Psychology

  1. What is positive psychology?
    the scientific study of what goes right in life, from birth to death and at all stops in between
  2. The relationship between humanistic psychology and positive psychology
    is a close one
  3. the basic premis of positive psychology is
    that human goodness and excellence are as authentic as are human flaws and inadequacies
  4. One of the topics does not belong in a list of pillars of positive psychology
    positive potential (scientific study of what goes right in life)
  5. paradigm shift
    is a radical change in a scientific field
  6. existentialism can be defined as
    the doctrine that a person's experience is primary
  7. Several different research groups have investigated the effects of asking people to stop and relflect on those things for which they are most grateful. the example of this exercise is
    three good things
  8. "my name is and this is my background" is an example of this type of introduction
    serious introduction
  9. know example of a gratitude letter
  10. One of the solid findings of positive psychology is that an orientation to the _______ of others is in the long run more satisfying than an oriendtation to one's own _______
    • welfare
    • pleasure
  11. Know an example of a gift of time
  12. "three good things" exercise has been shown to
    all of the above
  13. the behaviors of showing up, not whining or being disruptive are all seen in
    "good teammate" exercise
  14. in "______" exercise, you are invited to design an exercise tailored to your own self. it causes participants to stop and think about what makes a good day.
    have a good day
  15. when someone gives us an object such as a coffee mug or ball point pen we have shown to want to be paid more moeny for selling it back
    endowment effect
  16. when we repeatedly encounter the same pleasure producing stimulus, we experience increasingly less pleasure in a response
  17. when we live on a ______ ______, we continually adapt to imporving circumstances to the point that we always return to a point of relative neutrality
    hedonic treadmill
  18. flow is
    a psychological state that accompanies highly engaging activities
  19. it is adventageous to experince positive emotions because they lead us to engage in activities that add to our cognitive and behavioral repertoires
    broaden adn build theory
  20. the term mood
    all of the above
  21. paul meehl dubbed the ability to experience positive feelings
    hedonic capacity
  22. hedonic capacity is not referred to as
    positive affectivity
  23. according to twin studies, positive affectivity
    both is heritable and, therefore, is immutable and is influenced by genetics
  24. Ben Gordon's thoughts on playing basketball
    in the zone
  25. _______ is very similar to being "in the zone" and it was named by Csikszentmihalyi. he described it as working at full capacity
  26. stopping and noticing the next time something good occurs is intentional
  27. Happiness is what philosophers call a _______, a rationale that requires no further rationale
    undgrounded grounder
  28. The duchenne-ness of a smile- a genuine, full faced expression of happiness indexed by the degree to which the muscles surrounding one's eyes are contracted or crinkled shown in a yearbook- predicted
    whether the women were married in middle ages and whether the women were satisfied with their marriages
  29. the analysis of emotional content of autobiographical essays written by nuns in the American school sisters of notre dame, a US teaching order, revealed that nuns who wrote essays brimming with happiness
    lived an average of 10 years longer, reveals that happiness is not just a feeling in a specific moment but an important influence on the future
  30. The notion of ______, being true to one's inner self (demon) can be traced to Aristotle
  31. In addition to hedonism and eudaimonia, the pursuit of ________ is another route to happiness
  32. researchers having participants complete a questionnare describing current feelings is an example of
    Experience samling method
  33. probably the most striking and consistent finding from happiness reseach is that ______ of the people are happy
    the majority
  34. Quantitative index of the degree to which two variables, if graphed, fall along a straight line
    correlation coefficient
  35. one of the following does not belong in a list of evidence in support of the Pollyanna principle
    people take longer to recognize what is pleasant and safe than what is unpleasant or threatening
  36. pervasive positive selectively in thought
    pollyanna principle
  37. optimism
    is a mood or attitude associated with an expectation about the social or material future
  38. dispositional optimism is
    the global expectation that good things will be plentiful in the future and bad things scarce
  39. An individual's explanatory style
    all of the above
  40. optimism and pessimism
    all of the above
  41. little optimism and big optimism
    compare showing that little optimism subsumes specific expectations about positive outcomes whereas big optimism refers to larger and less specific expectations
  42. ________ can be defined as determination that goals can be achieved couple with belief that successful plans can be generated to reach goals
  43. the ______ was created in 2000 to provide the conceptual and empiracal means of describing positive youth development
    values in action
  44. character strengths can be defined as
    positive traits; individual differences such as curiosity, kindness, and gratitude
  45. one statement is not true about character strength
    john dewey, in the same period of time, agreed with gordon allport
  46. strengths of courage
    are positive traits entailing the exercise of will accomplish goals in the face of opposition, external or internal
  47. Strengths of humanity
    include kindness, love, and social intelligence
  48. Forgiveness and mercy; modesty and humility; prudence and self regulation are classified as
    strengths of temperance
  49. Appreciation of beauty and excellence; gratitude; hope; humor; and religiousness and spirituality are classisfied as
    strengths of transcendence
  50. Signature strengths are probably possessed by all people and
    all of the above
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