1. Gompers
    • was suspicious of taft
    • looked into court cases and rulings and all were for big business
  2. Taft (pres 1909-1913)
    Roosevelt and Taft were friends at beggining of term but were enemies afterward
  3. Major events that divided repunlican party
    • Payne Tarrif was proposed by house
    • conservatives persude taft to pass this law
    • taft loses popularity
    • causes split between conservative and progressive in republican party
    • (Ballinger-Pinchot 1910)
  4. Payne tarrif
    • proposed by taft
    • promised to lower tarif
    • passed by house but at senate level senator Aldridge added 847 ammendments
  5. Uncle Joe Cannon
    Speaker of House Roosevelts presidency
  6. Nicknames of parties after split
    • progressives- insurgents
    • conservatives- old guard
  7. Invitation by taft
    upon arriving in america roosevelt was invited to dinner at white house but rejected it
  8. Roosevelt speaks in Oswatamie KS 1910
    • Siad taft was sabotaging his policies
    • called for "new nationalism" (larger federal gov)
    • apalled conservative republicans
  9. Nov 1910 Roosevelt speaks on behalf of congressional electees
    • those whom he supported were elected
    • democrats gained control of house
    • old guard is defeated
  10. Jan 1911 progessive republicans in congress
    • created national progressive republican league
    • Lafolette scheduled to give speech in Philadelphia
    • became ill but still gav speech, halfway through went on rant insulting listeners then passed out
  11. George Baher
    • owened 80% of anthrocite coal mines
    • john mitchell-leader of coal worker union called for stike
    • may 1902-strike coal production ceases baher refusd to negotiate
    • summer 1902- baher used small chidren as mine workers and accidents happened
  12. Mitchells strike leads to nationwide depression
    • coal prices skyrocket
    • railroads, steamboats and manufactureres had to shut down
    • Roosevelt invites Baher and mitchell to meet and he would arbitrate
    • baher refuses
    • angers roosevelt
  13. roosevelt puts end to strike
    • roosevelt asks government of PA for federal troops
    • U.S. army sent into mines to dig coal
    • this caused baher to negotiate
    • work day was reduced and pay was increased
  14. Roosevelt first pres to intervene in labor issues
    when running for re-e;ection he brought this up and a "square deal" became his standing point
  15. Pres election 1904
    • roosevelt (R)
    • alton Parker (D)
    • Parker judge from NY
    • runningmate- Henry davis multimillion dollar coal mine owner
    • got nomination due to hopes of monetary contributions which never came
    • Largest republican landslide in history
  16. 1905-1909 Roosevelt thought election told him to be more progressive
    passd pure food and drug act, meat inspection act and heparin act
  17. heparin act
    • increased size and authority of interstate commerce commision
    • single most important legislation passed during roosevlts years
    • still in effect today
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