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  1. Amphetamines (meth) - increase
    fight or flight and mess up cardio
  2. Kid response to amphetamines-
    hyperactivity, ADHD, and calm
  3. Adult response to amphetamines
    narcolepsy, awake, and highly abuse
  4. methylphenidate (Ritalin)
    10 to 30mg
  5. therapeutic is
    very low and potential abuse is very high Benefit low
  6. Mechanism of Action: of amphetamines
    • 1. They act directly to stimulate nor epinephrine and dopamine receptor
    • 2. Stimulate the release of nor epinephrine
    • 3. They inhibit the reuptake the nor epinephrine and dopamine
  7. Amphetamines
    • 1.Extended alertness
    • 2.Cause weight lost
    • 3.self medicating to treat their depression
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