Kin Final nervous system

  1. Define Dendrites
    revieve impulse from other parts of the nervous system and bring them toward the cell body
  2. Define axons
    • take impuleses away from the cell body
    • located opposite of dendrites
  3. Define Myelin
    White fatty substance found in CNS and PNS.
  4. Define Tract
    • group of myelinated nerve fibers with the CNS
    • carries a specific type of info from one area to another
  5. Cerebrum
    • largest portion of the brain
    • responsible for highest mental function
    • made up of right and left cerebral hemispheres
    • occupies the anterior and superior portion of the cranium
  6. Frontal Lobe
    • Personality
    • motor movement and expressive speech
  7. Occipital Lobe
    • Vision
    • Recognition of size, color, and shape
  8. Parietal Lobe
    • controls gross sensation, touch, and pressure, and fine sensation (texture, weight, size, and shape)
    • reading skills
  9. Temporal Lobe
    Centers for behavior hearing and language and understanding
  10. Thalamus
    • mass of nerve celss relay station for body sensation
    • where pain is recieved
  11. Hypothalamus
    hormone function and behavior, body tempurature regulation
  12. Basal Ganglia
    Coordination of motor movement
  13. Brain Stem
    • Midbrain - upper center for visual reflexes
    • Pons "bridge"
    • Medulla Oblongata - center for automatic control of respiration and hear rate
  14. Cerebellum
    • Posterior portion of the brain behind the pons and medulla
    • covered superiorly by the posterior portsion of the cerebrum
    • muscle coordination
    • tone & posture
  15. Brain Protection
    • Skull
    • Meninges Dura Mater, Arachnoid Mater (middle thin layer), Pia Mater (carries blood vessels to the Brain)
    • Subarachnoid space - contains CSF
  16. Define an upper motor neuron lession
    • Synapse above the anterior horn
    • lesion between brain and spinal cord
    • muscle spasticity, babinski reflex, Clonus (over active stretch) hyperreflexia
  17. Examples of Upper Motor lesions
    • Spinal Cord injuries
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Parkinsonism
    • cerebral vascular accident
    • Various Types of Head Injuries
  18. Define Lower Motor Lessions
    • Synapse at or below the spinal cord
    • flaccid muscles, muscle atrophy, twitching
  19. Examples of Lower Motor Lesions
    • Muscular dystrophy
    • polopmyeltits
    • myasthenia gravis
    • peripheral nerve injuries
  20. Define Motor Neuron
    • anterior horn of the spinal cord
    • efferent impluses
  21. Define Sensory Neurons
    • Posterior horn of spinal cord
    • afferent impulses
  22. Define the Brachial Plexus
    • Roots C5-T1
    • Trunks Superior C5 and C6, Middle C7, Inferior C8-T1
    • Division (anterior n posterior)
    • Cords (lateral, Posterior, and medial)
    • peripheral nerves
  23. List the Peripheral Nerves of the Brachial Plexus
    • Axillary lateral arm
    • Musculocutaneous anterolateral forearm
    • Radial Posterior
    • Median - Palmar
    • Ulnar - medial arm
  24. Define lumbar Plexius
    • Roots
    • Branches
    • Divisions
    • peripheral Nerves
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