History of Graphic Design

  1. Who is Milton Glaser?
    • Founder of the Push Pin Studio with Seymour Chwast in New York.
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  2. Who is Seymour Chrwast?
    Started the Push Pin Studio in New York with Michael Glaser.

    • Elektra Poster!!!
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  3. Image Upload 10Image Upload 11Who is Wes Wilson?
  4. Who is Victor Moscoso?Image Upload 12Image Upload 13
  5. Who is Wolfgang Weingart?
    • Taught at the Basel School in 1968.
    • He questioned the typography of absolute order and cleanness.
    • He emphasized important words in a headline by making it white on a chunky, black rectangle.
    • His sense of humor identified his types of typography as "sunshine, bunny ant, five-minute and for-the-people" type.
    • He created the German typesetter's examination in 1963.
    • Experimental text settings and typographic experiments where four german words explore inverted lowercase m forms to make a b and an a.
    • Kunstkredit magazine.Image Upload 14Image Upload 15Image Upload 16
  6. Who is April Greiman?
    • She studied with Weingart and Hofmann at Basel School.
    • Her style was overlapping forms, diagonal lines that imply perspective , gestured strokes that move back in space, overlap or move behind geometric elements and floating forms that cast shadows are used to make forms move forward and backward from the page. Image Upload 17
  7. Who is Willi Kunz?
    • He taught typography at the Basel School of Design as Weingart's sabbatical leave replacement.
    • His exhibition poster for Print magazine was hailed as the quintessential example of PostModern design
    • by contrasting sizes of photo's , the mixed weight of the typography, the diagonal letter spaced type and the stepped pattern of dots covering part of the space.
    • He does not use a grid to construct his work, he starts with the visual content and allows the structure to unfold.
  8. Who is Ettore Sottsass?
    • In 1981, Sottsass and an international group of young architects and designers, came together to form the Memphis Group.
    • This work was very different from his previous work and hailed as one of the most characteristic examples of Post-modernism in design and the arts.Image Upload 18Image Upload 19
  9. Image Upload 20Image Upload 21Image Upload 22Image Upload 23Who is Michael Vanderbyl, Michael Manwaring?
    • Vanderbyl was among the designers who in the early 1980s established the San Francisco Bay Area as a center of the postmodern movement in
    • graphic design.
    • His raphic work conveyed a cheerful optimism, a warm sense of humor and unbridled attitude about form and space, using a sunny palette of pastel colors.
    • His designs were very uninhibited.Image Upload 24
  10. Who is Paula Scher?
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  11. Who is Charles Spencer Anderson?
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  12. Who is Neville Brody?
    • He designed a series of geometric sans-serif typefaces for The Face magazine.
    • He repeated images using a large W which was the M from a feature on Madonna a month before, turned upside down.
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  13. Who is David Carson?
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  14. Who is Rudi Vanderlans & Zuzana Licko?Image Upload 38
    They are a designer couple. She is a typeface designer.

    “We read best what we read most.” - Licko
  15. Image Upload 39Image Upload 40Who is Stefan Sagmeister?
  16. What is pop art?
    Andy Warhol
  17. What is Op Art?
    • Background and forground confusion.
    • Optical illusion. Staring at point in painting.
    • Applying paint and colors that vibrate with each other created something to appear it was in the foreground or behind.

    The experience of the person watching is confused by the experience made by the art.
  18. What is super graphics?
    Taking something and making so large than the number, letterforms, arrows are used.
  19. What is super manerism?
    • Pro football hall of fame, Whitehall ferry, AT&T bldg.
    • Regular object blown up to be a huge object.
    • Make a clock 12 stories
    • Type of architecture
    • Letter forms are supergraphics
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