Alphabetical 3

  1. Aggregate
    Sum total; a collection of separate things mixed together
  2. Agnostic
    One who believes that the existence of a god can be neither proven nor disproven
  3. Alacrity
    Cheerful eagerness or readiness to respond
  4. Allege
    To assert without proof
  5. Alleviate
    To relieve, usually temporarily or incompletely; to make bearable; to lessen
  6. Allocate
    To distribute; to assign; to alloy
  7. Alloy
    A combination of two or more things, usually metals
  8. Allusion
    An indirect reference (often to literary works); a hint
  9. Aloof
    Uninvolved; standing off; keeping one's distance
  10. Altruism
    Selflessness; generosity; devotion to the intrests of others
  11. Ambience
    Atmosphere; mood; feeling
  12. Ambiguous
    Unclear in meaning; confusing; capable of being interpreted in different ways
  13. Ambivalent
    Undecided; neutral; wishy-washy
  14. Ameliorate
    To make better or more tolerable
  15. Amenable
    Obedient; willing to give in to the wishes of another; agreeable
  16. Amenity
    Pleasentness; attractive or comfortable feature
  17. Amiable
    Friendly; agreeable
  18. Amnesty
    An official pardon for a group of people who have violated a law or policy
  19. Amoral
    Lacking a sense of right and wrong; neither good nor bad, neither moral nor immoral; without moral feelings
  20. Amorous
    Feeling loving, especially in a sexual sense; in love; relating to love
  21. Amorphous
    Shapeless; without a reagular or stable shape; bloblike
  22. Anachronism
    Something out of place in time or history; an incongruity
  23. Analogy
    Comparision of one thing to another; similarity.
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