Alphabetical 2

  1. Acute
    Sharp; shrewd
  2. Adamant
    stubborn; unyeilding; completely inflexible
  3. Address
    To speak to; to direct one's attention to.
  4. Adherent
    Follower; supporter; believer
  5. Admonish
    To scold gently; to warn
  6. Adroit
    Skillful; dexterous; clever; shrewd; socially at ease
  7. Adulation
    Wild or excessive admiration; flattery
  8. Adulterate
    To contaminate; to make impure
  9. Adverse
    Unfavorable; antagonistic
  10. Aesthetic
    Having to do with artistic beauty; artistic
  11. Affable
    Easy to talk to; friendly
  12. Affecation
    Unnatural or artificial behavior, usually intended to impress
  13. Affinity
    Sympathy; attraction; kinship; similarity
  14. Affluent
    Rich; prosperous
  15. Agenda
    Program; the things to be done
  16. Agrarian
    Relating to land; relating to the management or farming of land.
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