Nursing Ethics And Legal Vocab

  1. Ethics
    condut and moral judgement
  2. DNR
    Do not resucitate order
  3. Beneficence
    Doing or promoting good
  4. nonmalefience
    avoid doing harm, remove from harm, prevent harm
  5. autononmy
    independence and ability to self direct
  6. capacity
    mental of physical ability
  7. advance directive
    wishes to healthcare providers
  8. living will
    what medical treatment a patient would like if they were unable to speak for themselves
  9. proxy directive
    durable power of attorney for healthcare. another person that makes decisions if they cannot independantly
  10. justice
    the priciple of fairness
  11. veracity
    telling the truth
  12. fidelity
    being faithful to one's commitments and promises
  13. double effect
    the actyion can produce 2 outcomes that can be helpful and harmful at the same time
  14. futility
    results when interventions are unlikely to perserve life, restore health, or relieve suffering
  15. informed conesent
    protects the client's right to self-determination in healthcare decision making
  16. incapacity
  17. laws
    rules or standards of human conduct established by government through legislative bodies and interpreted by courts to protect citizens
  18. competency
    ability to understand rights and resposibilities
  19. tort
    subject to action in civil court
  20. crime
    a violation punishable by the state
  21. assault
    threat of touching
  22. battery
    the actual carrying out of assult
  23. malpratice
    negligance on the professional's part
  24. res ipsa loquitur
    the thing speaks for itself
  25. Liability
    denotes legal responsibility to pay damages
  26. respondeat superior
    let the master answer
  27. brain death
    irreversible loss of all functions of the eentire brain
  28. assisted suicide
    providing the client with the means to end his or her life but not providing the direct action that results in death
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Nursing Ethics And Legal Vocab
Taken from Craven The Fundamentals of Nursing Chapter 6