ch 14 rad

  1. which regulations control the use of dental x-ray equipment? (2)
    • federal
    • state
  2. outlines requirements for the safe use of dental x-ray equipment
    patient radiation health and safety act
  3. which law regulates the exposure of dental radiographs
  4. it is the responsibility of the dental auxiliary to become informed about the specific requirements relating to dental radiography in his or her particular state. These requirements may include (3)
    • obtaining additional certification in dental radiography
    • exposing dental radiogrphs only under the direct supervision of the dentist
    • follwing restrictions concering the types of dental radiographs that may be legally exposed
  5. refers to the policies and procedures that should be follwed by the dental radiographer to reduce the chances that a patient will file legal action against the dental radiographer or the supervising dentist
    risk management
  6. legal right to make choices about the care one receives including hte opportunity to consent or refuse treatment
  7. it is the responsibility of ? to discuss both diagnostic and treatment procedures with the patient
  8. Information provided to the patient should include (6)
    • Purpose adn potential benefits of radiographs
    • person responsible for exposing the radiographs
    • number and type of radiographs exposed
    • possible harm tha tmay result if the radiographs are not exposed
    • risks associated with x-ray exposure
    • alternative diagnostic aid that may serve the same purpose
  9. the process of informing the patient about the particulars of exposing dental radiographs is termed
  10. defined as consent given by a patient following complete disclosure
    informed consent
  11. Informed concent can be summarized as follows
    • purpose of the procedure adn who will perform it
    • potential benefits of receiving the procedure
    • possible risks involved in having the procedure performed, as well as possible risks of not having it performed
    • opportunity for the patient to ask questions adn obtain complete information
  12. lack of informed consent may be shown by the follwing (6)
    • complete lack of consent from the patient
    • consent obtained from an individual who has no legal right to give it
    • consent obtained from an individual who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • consent obtained by misrepresentation or fraudulent means
    • consent obtained from an individual under duress
    • consent obtained after incomplete disclosure
  13. legal accountability
  14. results when the dental practitioner is negligent in the delivery of dental care
  15. occurs when the diagnosis made or the dental tratment delivered falls below the standard of care
  16. defined as the quality of care that is provided by dental practitioners in a similar locality under the same or similar conditions
    standard of care
  17. state laws govern the duration of time during which a patient may bring a malpractice action against the dentis or the auxiliary.
    statute of limitations
  18. the dental record must include documentation of the follwoing (4)
    • informed consent
    • number and type of radiographs exposed
    • rationale for exposing such radiographs
    • diagnostic info obtained from the interpretation of the radiographs
  19. refers to an individual who is not directly involved in the treatment of the patient
    nonprivileged person
  20. dental radiographs belong to whom?
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