World Civ 111 Renaissance Quiz

  1. One of the Tuscan Triumvirate of Renaissance writers--wrote 'Divine Comedy'

    B) Dante Alighieri
  2. John Wycliffe was a(n)

    C) 14th Century english Refomer
  3. Giotto:

    C) Began painting using light and shade.
  4. This Pope was a Medici and was Pope during the beginning of Luther's reformation.

    A) Leo X
  5. Niccolo Machiavelli was:

    C) An italian Renaissance political writer
  6. One of the Tuscan Triumverate of Renaissance writers--developed the Italian sonnet and became important in literary humanism.

    B) Francesco Petrarca
  7. was the first italian to use oil paints:

    C) Leaonardo da Vinci
  8. Masaccio:

    B) Used perspective and painted "Explusion From"
  9. Sculpted the first free-standing nude in Europe since Roman times.

    B) Donatello
  10. He was known for his Madonnas and humanized portrayals of Mary and Jesus:

    C) Raphael
  11. Humanism in the Northern Renaissance came to be called what?

    B) Christian humanis
  12. Johannes Gutenberg lived where?

    C) Mainz in the German Rhineland
  13. This late 15th Century English King won the Wars of the Roses, reduced the power of the Nobility and Parliament, and helped war-torn England heal:

    D) Henry VII
  14. He sculpted several pietas and painted a famous chapel:

    A) Michelangelo
  15. Sandro Botticelli:

    A) Used vivid colors and painted "The birth of venus"
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