Rad ch 12

  1. Skills that promote good relationships between individuals are termed
    interpersional skills
  2. interpersonal means?
    between persons
  3. process by which information is exchanged between two or more persons
  4. basis for developing a succesful radiographer-patient relationship
    effective communication
  5. involves the use of lauguage
    verbal communication skills
  6. involves the use of body language
    Nonverbal communication
  7. Nonverbal messages are conveyed through (3)
    • posture
    • body movement
    • eye contact
  8. refers to the receiving and understanding of messages
  9. What should you never do when communicating (6)
    • interrupt
    • correct the patient
    • finish the patient's sentences
    • look at clock or watch
    • figet
    • play with objects
  10. interpersonal skills used to ease communication and develop a trusting relationship between the dental professional and the patient
    Facilitation skills
  11. the act of making easier
  12. When a patient trusts the dental professional, the patient is more likely to (4)
    • provide info
    • cooperate during procedures
    • comply with prescribed tratment
    • return for further treatment
  13. facilitative skills that enhance patient trust include
    • encouraging questions
    • answering questions
    • responding with action
    • expressing warmth
  14. can be communicated through the voice and facial expression fo teh dental radiographer
  15. refers to the relationship between the patient and the dental professional
    patient relations
  16. The relationship between the patient and the dental professional begins with
    first impressions
  17. you should never do what 3 things when working with a patient?
    • eat
    • drink
    • chew gum
  18. patients should always be greeted by?
  19. refers to the way a dental professional conducts herself at the patient's chairside
    chairside manner
  20. defined as "a position of the body, or manner of carrying oneself, indicative of a mood"
  21. attitudes should indicate (3)
    • courtesy
    • patience
    • honesty
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