Rad ch. 11

  1. The dental readiographer must be familar with 4 things about radiographs
    • Importance
    • Uses
    • Benefits
    • Information found on Dental radiographs
  2. Necessary componenet of comprehensive patient care
    dental radiographs
  3. what can be detected on radiographs
    • diseases
    • lesions
    • conditions of the teeth and bones
  4. Through the proper use of dental radiographs, the dental professional can detect diseases and ultimately benefit the patient by
    minimizing and preventing problems tooth-related pain or the need for surgical procedures
  5. Information found on dental radiographs (8)
    • missing teeth
    • extra teeth
    • impacted teeth
    • dental caries
    • periodontal disease
    • tooth abnormalities
    • retained roots
    • cysts and tumors
  6. any person who positions, exposes, and processes dental x-ray film
    dental radiographer
  7. Assigned responsibilites in regard to dental radiography may include the following (7)
    • positioning and exposure of dental x-ray films
    • processing of dental x-ray films
    • mounting and id of dental radiographs
    • education of patients about dental radiographs
    • maintenance of darkroom facilities and processing equipment
    • implementaion and monitioring of quality control procedures
    • ordering of dental x-ray film and ralated supplies
  8. Priority goals of the dental radiographer (6)
    • patient protection
    • operator protection
    • patient education
    • operator competence
    • operator efficiency
    • production of quality rodiographs
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