Stress and Coping

  1. During the resistance stage Heart rate does what?
    decreases and stabalizes
  2. What happens during the exhaustion phase?
    During the exhaustion stage, the physiological response has intensified and the ability to adapt to stress diminishes.
  3. The Medulla Oblongata controls what 3 vital signs
    • Blood Pressure
    • Heart rate
    • Respirations
  4. What is Denial?
    Denial is avoiding emotional conflicts by refusing to consciously acknowledge anything that cause intolerable pain
  5. What is Conversion?
    unconsciously repressing an anxiety-producing emotional conflict and transforming it into nonorganic symptoms
  6. What is dissociation?
    experiencing a subjective sense of numbing and reduced awareness of one's surroundings
  7. What is Displacement?
    transferring emotions, ideas, thoughts, and wishes from a stressful situation onto a less anxiety-producing substitute.
  8. Alarm Stage
    characterized by an increase in hormone levels leading to the initiation of a fight-or-flight reaction
  9. Resistance stage
    the body stabilizes itself and responds in a manner opposite to that in the alarm reaction stage. It is during this time that the body repairs any damage that may have occurred
  10. The theory of nursing that views the person, family, or community as constantly changing in response to the environment and stressors is known as:
    • Neuman's Systems Model
    • based on concepts of stress and reaction to stress
  11. Pender's Health Promotion Model
    Pender's health promotion model focuses on increasing the level of well-being of an individual or group by encouraging stress reduction strategies
  12. Situational Crisis
    a situational crisis is described as a situation in which a person faces a turning point in life.
  13. Crisis Intervention
    • aims to return the client to a precrisis level of functioning and to promote growth
    • attempts to connect a stressful event to the pts reaction to the event
  14. Distress is
    Damaging stress
  15. Eustress
    is a type of stress that results in motivational energy
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