Brazil and its neighbors

  1. Describe the plateaus of Argentina
    dry, gets little rain, and has poor soil
  2. Describe the plains of Argentina
    Huge, treeless, and people grow crops and raise cattle
  3. On what does Argentina's economy depend?
    farming and ranching
  4. What two groups greatly influenced Argentina's society and culture?
    Spain and Italy
  5. On what does Uruguay's economy depend?
    raising sheep and cattle
  6. What is Uruguay's official language and major religion?
    Spanish language and Roman Catholic religion
  7. What crops does Paraguay produce?
    grains, cotton, soybeans and cassava
  8. Where are most of Venezuel's cities located?
    The Andean Highlands
  9. What accounts for nearly half of the Venequelan government's income?
  10. What kind of climate do the Guianas have?
    hot and tropical
  11. What religions do people in Suriname practice?
    Christianity, Hinduism and Islam
  12. What is a low area surrounded by higher land?
  13. What is a steep cliff between higher and lower land?
  14. What is an area of poor housing in a Brazilian city called?
  15. What is the region of grassy plains in northern South America?
  16. What is power made from running water?
    hydroelectric power
  17. What is the height of land above sea level?
  18. What is the Brazilian word for tropical rain forest?
  19. What are the vast treeless plains in Argentina called?
  20. What is a ranch hand or cowhand called?
  21. Who was the military ruler of Venezuela in the 1800s and 1900s?
  22. What is the highest mountain in the western hemisphere?
  23. Where does the Amazon River flow from and to?
    from the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean
  24. Rainfall in the Amazon Basin contributes the what?
    The growth of thick tropical rain forests.
  25. What is the Great Escarpment ?
    where the highlands drop sharply to the Atlantic Ocean
  26. How much poverty is in Brazil?
    1/5 of Brazils population lives in extreme poverty
  27. Is Brazils culture largely Spanish or Portuguese?
  28. What happened after Native American slaves died of disease and overwork?
    African slaves were brought in to replace them
  29. What is the capital of Brazil now?
  30. How large is Brazil when compared to the other countries of the world?
    Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world
  31. How big is the Amazon River and where is it?
    Its in Brazil and is the worlds 2nd longest river, winding almost 4000 miles
  32. Where is Brazils leading trade and industrial center?
    Sao Paulo
  33. What supports Brazils economy?
    Agriculture, mining, forestry and tourism to Rio de Janeiro
  34. What type of government does Brazil have?
    Democratic republic
  35. What country has the largest population of all Latin American nations?
  36. Does the Brazilian government encourage or discourage mining, logging, and farming in the rain forest?
  37. What leisure time activity is Brazil famous for and when is it celebrated?
    Carnival, it is celebrated just before Lent
  38. What sports are most commonly played in Brazil?
    soccer (futbol) and basketball
  39. What is the second largest country in South America?
  40. What supports the economy in Argentina?
    farming and ranching
  41. What do the farms of Argentina produce?
    beef, sugarcane, wheat, soybeans, and corn
  42. What is the national symbol of Argentina?
  43. What is the capital of Argentina?
    Buenos Aires
  44. What is the official language in Argentina?
  45. Where did most of Argentina's ancestors come from?
  46. What is the most common religion practiced in Argentina?
    Roman Catholic
  47. What is the capital of Uruguay?
  48. What does Uruguay's economy depend on?
    raising sheep and cattle
  49. What are the major industries in Uruguay?
    textiles, footwear, and leather goods
  50. What are the major economic activities in Paraguay?
    Foresting and farming
  51. What does Paraguay export?
  52. What country has the worlds largest hydroelectric power generator?
  53. What people are mostly of mixed Guarani- a Native American group?
  54. What is the capital of Venezuela?
  55. What are Llanos and where are they?
    Grassy plains in Venezuela?
  56. What is the most important river in Venezuela?
  57. What is the economy in Venezuela supported by?
    Oil-they are the world leader in oil production
  58. Who owns the oil industry in Venezuela?
    the government
  59. Who governed Venezuela in the 1800-1900s?
    military rulers called caudillos
  60. What people make up most of Guyana's population?
    People from India
  61. What is the main language in Suriname?
  62. What is the capital and chief port in Suriname?
  63. Is Suriname an independent country?
    Yes, they won their independence from the Dutch in 1975
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