Positive Psychology Test 2

  1. part of the good life is the articulation and pursuit of those goals we deem worthy; these are ________
  2. maximizers
    take longer to settle, never settle for second best, less satisfied with jobs despite higher pay
  3. Values are
    attitudes, traits, and norms
  4. the values that correspond with the needs at the bottom of Maslows hierachry are
    survival values
  5. Terminal values are
    beliefs about ideal states of existence
  6. __________ are self help techniques for helping people to identify values they hold.
    world values surveys
  7. passions or ______ help define who we are
  8. other things being equal, human beings enjoy the exercise of their realized capacities and thus enjoyment increases the more the capicity is realized, or the greater its complexity
    Aristotelian principle
  9. the term ______ is used to describe the culture that develops around shared leisure activities, from bird watching to sailing
    leisure world
  10. a student's attraction to a given academic field is called _________ when it is marked by a deep intellectual and emotional involvement
  11. _______ is used to refer to the fact that people who make important contributions to a particular field, devoted a full decade to the mastery of neccessary knowledge and skills
    10 year rule
  12. The strong vocational blank is the best known _______
    interest inventory
  13. A person whose acutal accomplishments have exerted profound influence contempary and subsequent generations could be called a _______
  14. _______ means the ability to do several things in a sequence or at the "same time"
  15. Spearman concluded that besides g, there is also ______ that influence a person's performance on particular tests.
    specific intelligences
  16. _______, in 1983, developed a theory of _______ where he distinguished seven abilities.
    • Howard Gardner
    • multiple intelligences
  17. The idea of _______, which relies on information about individuals' abilities obtained in the course of their every day activities, was developed by ________
    • Assesment in context
    • Howard Gardner
  18. Polymaths are
    persons eminent in more than one field requiring arguably different skills
  19. The broad state of health representing a blance between psychological well being and physical well being is called _______
  20. The _______ was recognized much later than other major body systems because it is not a single entity, but rather a host of cells present throughout the body
    immune system
  21. The legacy of Descartes could be called
    mind body dualism
  22. ________ applies psychological theories adn research to the topic of physical well being
    Health psychology
  23. behavioral medicine
    expands traditional medical approaches to include the psychological context of health and illness
  24. psychoneuroimmunology
    recognizes the interplay and mutual influences among P from from answer a, N from answer b, and I from answer c
  25. One of the following is out of place in a list of wellness promoting or health promoting endeavors
    in the course of reseach about wellness promoting activities several quick fixes and magic bullets have been identified
  26. the text identified an interesting alternative perspective on resilience by suggesting that it starts with
    Freuds defense mechanisms
  27. ________ refers to attempts to meet any stressful event head on and remove its effects
    problem focused coping
  28. _______ is the ability to find meaning and challenge in the demands of life
  29. one item should be removed froma list of activities which are helpful in positive aging or in successful aging
    use of immature defense mechanisms
  30. ________ known as the cuddle hormone increases during pregnancy and surges during the process of childbirth
  31. using surrogate mothers and infant rhesus monkeys, _______ found that even among animals, social bonds reflect more than the satisfaction of physiological needs
    Harry Harlow
  32. _________ used to describe the behavior of baby ducklings shortly after hatching. They follow whatever moving object they first encounter, and usually this object is their mother, but ducklings can also ______ on other animals or even people if they encounter them during the critical period. In most cases _______ keeps the vulnerable ducklings out of danger
    • imprinting
    • imprint
    • imprinting
  33. goods, info, love, money, services, and status are typically found in a list of
    interpersonal resources
  34. ________ is an important perspective on relationships and emphasizes the feelings that bind us together
    attachment theory
  35. the strange situation test was developed by
    Ainsworth to study attachment in infants and children
  36. In ______, people involved simply want to be associated with some other person his or her specific identity is not all that important
  37. when liking is coupled with a mutual perception of similarity and expectations of reciprocity and parity, we call the relationship
  38. love that is the unshakable affection shared by two people whose lives have become intertwined is known as
    companionate love
  39. love that usually occurs at the beginning of an affair and is makred by extreme absorption and dramatic mood swings, from ecstasy to anguish is known as
    passionate love
  40. one common distinction among the types of love is between passionate love and ________ love
    companionate love
  41. Christmas shoppers, pedestrians hurrying at lunch time, or joggers on a high school track are simply people in the same place at the same time, and social scientists use the term _________ to describe them
  42. The two or more individuals who can be discussed as a whole are descibed as social category known as
  43. A ________ is an enduring and structured group, usually haveing traditions and customs
  44. The moral characteristics of a group as a whole, not simply summaries or composites of the characteristics of its individual members
    institutional level virtues
  45. when studying _______ psychologists have often been interested in styles of parenting
    features of the good family
  46. parenting that is loving but lax where parents exert little control over their children
    permissive parenting
  47. An institution what prepares students to be effective learners throughout life might be a
    good school
  48. If we had assumed work and life are one, the assumption might not even have been challenged by any readers
    observation of researchers studying features of the good workplace
  49. one comment would seem out of place when studying features of the good religion
    the US has been characterized as a particularly religious nation. more than 40% of americans attend weekly religious services, in contrast to only 4% of adults in Japan
  50. The ______ religous internalize religous beliefs and bring their other needs into harmony with them
  51. Religiousity can be defined as
    the subsuming of traditional ways of experiencing the sacred and transcendent
  52. The neurobiology of pleasure
    all of the above
  53. The natural history of the good life suggests that it includes
    more positive affect than negative affect
  54. nice guys finish first
    raises suspicion about whether nice guys can accomplish desirable consequences since there are those who believe that "niceness" can get in the way of accomplishing certain things in life
  55. The idea of deliberately creating the good life
    all of the above
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