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  1. Ball and Socket Joints (synoval joints)
    The ball-shaped head of one bones fits into the cup-like depression of another bone. Allos multi-axial movement. (i.e movemnt in all directions) EX: shoulders joint and hip joint.
  2. Saddle joints (synoval)
    the articulationg suface of one bone is concave (saddle-shapped) amd tje reciprocal suface of the other bone is convex. Allows sice to sice and back and forth movement. EX: Metacarpal of thumb and trapezium of wrist
  3. Ellipsoidal or Condyloid joints (synoval)
    • The oval condyle of one bones fits in to the ellipsoidal depression in anther bone. Allos bi-axial movment (two way) from side to side or back and forth.
    • EX: Radius and carpals(wrist). Metacarpals and phalanges (knuckles), occiptal condyle and atlas
  4. Pivot joints (Synoval joints)
    The rounded or conical suface of one bone that articulates with a shallow depression or foramen of another bone to allow movement in one plane. EX: atlas and axis and the ulna and radius
  5. Hinge joints (synoval joints)
    • A rounded or convex process of one bones that fits into a concave suface or grove of another bone to allow movement in one plane, usally flexion of extension.
    • EX: KNEE joint or Elbow joint
  6. Plane (gliding) joints
    • Articular surface is usually flat or slightily curved. Allows movement in one or two planes (side to side or back and fourth)
    • EX: intercarpal, intertarsal joints, sternum and clavical, scapula and clavical, superior and inferior articular facets of verebrae.
  7. Synoval joints (diarthroses)
    Free moveable joints
  8. Synchondrosis (cartiagenous)
    two bones united by a bridge or plate of hyaline cartilage. Found between the ribs, sternum (costal cartilage) also piphyseal plates of long bones.
  9. Symphysis (cartilagenous)
    • a broad flat disc of fibrocartilage connecting two bones together. Found between two pubic bones and between verebral bones.
    • EX: pubic symphysis or inervertebral disc
  10. Cartilagenous (amphiarthroses)
    slightly moveable joints
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