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  1. on an aircraft on the flight line, you are doing which level of maintenanace?
  2. The three general functions dividing the CAMS database are
    Maintenance, retrieval, and reporting
  3. Which CAMS subsystem provides the capability to establish a computerized file of required maintenance actions?
    Maintenance events
  4. Which is the correct method for writing 30 January 1998?
  5. A symbol entered on a maintenance for reflects the opinion of the
    Individual making the entry
  6. When a new AFTO form 781A is initiated, what kind of discrepancies cannot be transferred to the AFTO form 781k?
    Red X
  7. Which section of the AFTO form 244 lists discrepancies?
  8. The three authorized inspection concepts used by the Air Force are
    Periodic, phase, isochronal
  9. Reducing the time an Aircraft is out of commission is an objective of which inspection?
  10. Which is not one of the elements of the maintenance training program?
    Cross-Utilization training
  11. The primary responsibility for formal upgrade training rests with
    The commander
  12. The main source of material deficiency information is
  13. A CAT II, PQDR that has been submitted for a defect in workmaship must be forwarded to the screening point within
    3 workdays
  14. The first part of a national stock number indicates the
    Supply classification
  15. The second position of the Expendability/Recoverability/Repairability/Cost Designator Code (ERRC) indicates
    repair level
  16. Air Force property responsibility is imposed by law on
    all military and civilian employees
  17. What types of property responsibility can be charged to DOD personnel?
    Command, custodial, and supervisory
  18. An airman who signs out a toolbox assumes which type of property responsibility for that toolbox?
  19. How can personnal be relived from property responsibility?
    Turn-in or transfer
  20. Career Development Courses are an example of
    A specialized publication
  21. The list of applicable publications (LOAPs) lists Technical Orders that apply to
    a specific aircraft
  22. Which TO explains how to maintain and inspect a particular weapons system?
    Technical Manual
  23. A series of red X's printed around the border of the first page of a TCTO signifies
    an immidiate action TCTO
  24. In the basic TO numbering system, each TO number will have a minimum of
    three number groups
  25. The Maintenance Integrated Data Access System (MIDAS) is
    a six-digit numbering system expressed as three elements of two digits each
  26. The "XD" in fault isolaton code 33-10-XD-02 identifies the
    specific fault
  27. While troubleshooting, you are using a wiring diagram to help you locate a malfunctioning component. After determening which component is faulty, you want to determine its part number. To do this, you would check the wiring diagram's
    reference designator
  28. Revisions are issued when changes exceed what percentage of the Basic T.O.
  29. Safety and operationa supplements to technical orders should be filed in
    reverse sequence in front of the basic T.O.
  30. To correct errors in a technical order, you should submit and AFTO Form
  31. Which deficiency report is used for a TO defieciency that involves safety or the unit mission?
  32. How far away from a parked aircraft should LOX carts be stored?
    75 feet
  33. You must observe aircraft oxygen guages at all times during servicing operations to
    prevent overfilling
  34. When you are servicing an aircraft with liquid nitrogen, do not wear
    shoes which fit loosely around the top
  35. If your skin comes in contact with liquid nitrogen you should
    seek medical attention immediately
  36. Which classification identifies a Class/Division 1.4 explosive?
    Low explosive weight items
  37. What must you ensure when you are transporting squibs?
    The squibs are in a protective container
  38. While working on high-voltage equipment, you must have a safety observer. This individual must know how
    to turn off the equipment
  39. How much electrical current does it take to cause muscle paralysis?
    .015 amps
  40. Which are of a LRU is most susceptible to ESD damage?
    Connector Pins
  41. Human awareness of static electricity is at approximately
    3500 volts
  42. For personnel ESD grounding , you must use a skin contact wrist strap connected to the workbench surface. The strap must have a resistance of at least
    1 megohm
  43. Which situation illustrates a physical hazard presented by a chemical hazard?
    Second degree skin burn
  44. What is the minimum information required on a hazardous chemical inventory?
    Name of material
  45. Which element must be included in a workplace written hazard communication program?
    Hazardous material inventory
  46. Which Air Force regulation is a source of information for the prevention of accidents?
    AFI 91-202
  47. Who is responsible for seeking out and elimintaing accident causes?
  48. What is considered to be a safe distance in front of jet intake ducts?
    25 feet
  49. You are preforming a task that requires you to turn off the power to an aircraft system. In this situation, which AFTO form would you attach to the system's circuit breaker?
  50. Which of these is the primary cause of FOD?
    Careless maintenace personnel
  51. Which mishap prevention tag is used to warm personnel against potential hazards?
  52. Which form is used to report ground safety accidents involving personnel (not involving aircraft)?
    AF Form 711
  53. High-frequency radiation is not produced by
    nuclear weapons
  54. Which type of nuclear radiation is the strongest?
  55. What is the unit of measure for radiation quantity?
  56. What is a temporary storage location designed to store nuclear materials in transit through a base called?
    Safe Haven
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