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  1. Somatosensory pathways
  2. General features of sensory pathways
    • relevant stimuli: light touch, vibration, proprioception, pain, temperature
    • sensory stimuli from body enter the pineal cord
    • sensory stimuli from the head enter the brainstem via cranial nerves
  3. Sensory receptors:
    • modified nerve endings
    • bare nerve endings
  4. Common aspects of pathways
    • pathways carry info for perception and reflexes
    • 3-neuron pathways for perception - begin in periphery, end in cortex
    • locations of axons (tracts) and cell bodies (nuclei)
  5. primary cell body located in
    dorsal root ganglion
  6. primary axon located in
    dorsal root
  7. secondary cell body in
    • spinal cord or brain stem
    • secondary axon crosses CNS
  8. tertiary cell body in
  9. tertiary axon goes through
    internal capsule
  10. spinal cord laminae
    precise "geographic" regions of the gray matter where defined by Rexed and numbered from 1 to IX; these correspond to named regions such as Nucleus Proprius, but numbers are more precise
  11. Lamina I
    marginal zone
  12. Lamina II
    substantia gelatinosa
  13. laminae III-VI
    nucleus proprius
  14. Lamina VII
    Clarke's nucleus
  15. Laminae VIII-IX
    Motor nuclei
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