Abdomen & Stuff

  1. 3 narrowing points of ureters
    • 1. renal pelvis to ureter
    • 2. where crosses common iliac artery
    • 3. enters bladder
  2. Sympathetic neurons carry pain fiber to pancreas from
  3. Primarily retroperitoneal
    kidneys, suprarenal glands, ureter, abdominal aorta, IVC
  4. Secondarily retroperitoneal
    pancreas, asc & desc colon, most of duodenum
  5. Anastomosoes Gastroesophageal region
    esophageal veins to left gastric branch of portal system.
  6. Anastomoses: Anorectal region (hemorrhoids)
    middle and inferior rectal veins to the superior rectal branch of the portal system.
  7. Anastomoses: Paraumbilical region –
    systemic small cutaneous veins around umbilicus with paraumbilical veins of the falciform ligament that drain to the portal vein.
  8. Anastomoses: Retroperitoneal region –
    veins from the portal system on the posterior aspects of secondarily retroperitoneal viscera or the liver anastomose with systemic retroperitoneal veins of the posterior abdominal wall or diaphragm
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Abdomen & Stuff
kidney, abdomina aorta, etc