electronic tribe

  1. In the ---- religion there is no holy book no regular service they dont bury their dead but r ----. the shinto shrines guard all homes and public places Shinto means -------------.
    Shinto. supersticious. way of gods.
  2. only --- % of japan actively believes in shintoism.
  3. --- % are practicing christians. The mixture of faiths is -- problem
    1. no
  4. Few people have delighted in ----- like the japanese. bathing together provides a sense of -----, like a pub or coffee house of europe, to share news or gossip. Until recently both ----- bath together.
    bathing, community and sexes
  5. young men who catch the ----- thrown by a priest are promised a life of luxury and happiness.
    magic wand
  6. men ------ and seek divine praise. Buddism belivers are deeplu concerned with an afterlife and salvation of ------.
    chant , souls
  7. Pictured is a nobelsman villa in the ------ century. The game pictured is one of guessing the ------ an ancient ritual.
    10th , perfume
  8. A japanese girl covers her mouth when she -------. The depth of a ------ depends on the senority of a person you are bowing to.
    laughs, bow
  9. It would be like writing ------- in an arabic script. In classrooms in order to be able to read simple newspaper students must memorize ------ characters.
    English, 1,800
  10. The most powerful influence on a Japanese person comes from the _____.
  11. ------- years ago the culture of Japan has been shaped by China and the seperation from the mainland by hostile sea.
  12. Life of the average Japanese revolves around the ----- harvest. The work is done exclusively by ------- . ------- is still the staple diet. The ----- cleans out the canal as well as many other jobs. Each family has a ------ shrine.
  13. rice, women, rice, community family
  14. Managers and workers eat ----- together.
  15. Japan has been able to preserve the best of the ------ and adapt rapidly to ------.
    past, new ideas
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electronic tribe
the electronic tribe from japan are the japanese themselves