ARTH Terms Final

  1. Vellum
  2. Parchment
  3. Chancel
    • east end of church
    • location of altar
  4. Diptych
    • panels of equal size folded and closed with clasp
    • private devotional object
  5. Pendentive
    curving triangular surface forming transition between dome and square support below
  6. Mandorla
    almond-shaped light enclosing sacred figure
  7. Icon
    representation of sacred person/event
  8. Iconoclasm
    opposition to icons
  9. Codex
    • collection of folded sheets held together between a cover by string/paste
    • replaces scrolls
  10. Ribbed Vault
    vault with intersecting arches
  11. Bay
    compartment/division of interior/exterior of a building
  12. Arcade
    series of arches carried on columns or piers
  13. Clerestory
    • upper part of nave walls of church
    • provides interior lighting
  14. Compound Pier
    • clustered pier
    • central mass with engaged columns
    • Romanesque!
  15. Corbel
    stone block projecting from wall that supports beams of roof
  16. Corbel Table
    projecting moulded string course supported by a range of corbels
  17. Triforium
    arcade or shallow passage on side wall of church above nave and below clerestory
  18. Pier Buttress
    solid support to sustain vertical pressure
  19. Tracery
    stone framework to hold glass in place in a window
  20. Flying Buttress
    arch or half-arch support
  21. Lancet Window
    slender pointed-arch window
  22. Rose Window
    circular window with compartments of tracery
  23. Chevet
    apse with surrounding ambulatory and radiating chapels
  24. Duomo
    cathedral church
  25. Gesso
    treatment of white glue and gypsum used to prepare wooden surfaces for painting
  26. Sinopia
    preparatory drawing on ground before frescoe/mosaics
  27. Altarpiece
    picture/relief of religious figure placed behind church altar
  28. Tempera
    paint with egg yoke as a binding medium
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