1. ___ means acting for the pt benefit
  2. _____ is known best by the saying that is credited to Hippocrates "First, do no harm".
  3. ____ means that pt have a right to make decisions about themselves as well as the right to have to info that is needed to make certain decisions.
  4. ______ means that all pt should be treated equally.
    Justice of fairness
  5. _____ protects the privacy of an individual's health info. The portability component ensures that a person moving from one health plan to another will be able to continue his/her insurance coverage.
    HIPAA (health insurance portability and accountability act)
  6. A ____ consists of two or more members who self identify as a "family" and interact and depend on one another socially, emotionally, and financially.
  7. ______ family consists of a male and female partner and their children
  8. ____ family includes other family members living in the same household
  9. ____ _____ households consist of an unmarried biological/adoptive parent who may or may not live with another adult
  10. Five functions of a family:
    • physical needs
    • economic needs
    • reproductive needs
    • affective/coping needs
    • socialization needs
  11. Because the ____ are aging, it is causing an increase demand on the healthcare system
    baby boomers
  12. # of families affected with AIDS is _____
  13. The ___ generation is an arrangement in which the grandparents rear the grandchildren with or without the parents help
  14. ____ refers to the ideal system in which the boundaries are secure enough to keep the family intact but still allow for free interchange with the outside world. Ex: work, school, family, church, friends
  15. ____ theory has its core the idea that every life moves through developmental stages with tasks that need to be accomplished before moving on to the next stage.
  16. Who identified the eight family stages? And what are they?
    • Duvall.
    • 1.beginning
    • 2.child bearing
    • 3.preschool children
    • age
    • 5.teenagers
    • 6.launching
    • 7.middle-aged
    • 8.retirement
  17. The ____-functioning theory focuses on the functioning of the family and the roles assumed by each family member to promote family function. Roles include: housekeeper, caregiver, sexual partners, & recreational organizer.
  18. ___ theory asserts that emotional problems result from the way ppl interact with each other in the context of the family. Unhealthy families give mixed or double-binding messages. Healthy families give love and support clearly and often.
  19. ____ describes the traits inherent in the infant biologically imposed idiosyncratic factors that create what and how a person is
  20. ____ refers to the influence of external events such as parenting, received culture or the times in which a child lives.
  21. This theorist believed that development was most influenced by biological instincts. And that the instincts were psychosexual in nature. The essential aspects of the human personality are: id, ego, & superego.
  22. ___ is the emotional part of the personality, it is present at birth and is pleasure driven. Ex: crying w/o reason
  23. The ____ provides a sense of identity separate from others and promotes the ability of the child to function individually.
  24. The ____center of conscious (not the center of the universe) how one perceives himself. Learns about the needs of others.
  25. Whom believed personality development is based on influences of social interactions? Trust vs. Mistrust (0-1), Autonomy vs. Shame/Doubt (1-3), Initiative vs. Guilt (3-6), Industry vs. Inferiority (6-12), Identity vs. Role confusion (12-19)
    Erik Erikson
  26. Researcher that introduced infants 10-24 months to the "strange situation" room and a series of situations to test the strength of maternal attachment. Secure attachment- baby cries when mom leaves the room and is happy upon her return. Avoidant attachment- rarely cries when mom leaves and is avoidant upon return. Ambivalent attachment- anxious before mom leaves, very upset once leaves, seeks contact while pushing her away upon return.
    Mary Ainsworth
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