IB Java

  1. Debugging Tool
    A program used to detect, trace, and eliminate errors in computer programs or other software
  2. Defragmentation Software
    An application that reads file segments from non-contiguous(or non-continuous) sections of a storage device and then writes the files to the same device in such a way that each file segment is contiguous (or a continuous section)
  3. Digital Data
    Discrete data
  4. Digital signature
    Digital code attached to an electronic message or document, which is unique and which can be used to authenticate the sender or owner
  5. Direct access file
    A file organized in such a way that a calculation provides the address or location of a record so that the record can be accessed directly. Records can be ordered or unordered.
  6. Disk cache
    RAM set aside to speed up access to a hard drive
  7. Distributed Processing
    Network in which some or all of the processing, storage and control functions, in addition to input/output functions, are dispersed among its nodes.
  8. Encryption
    In computer security, the process of transforming data into an unintelligible form in such a way that the original data cannot be easily obtained except by using a decryption process
  9. Exception
    Object that is created when an abnormal or unusual situation arises in a program. (EX: file not found... tries to open a file to read in information while the program is executing, but cannot find the file specified)
  10. Exception handler
    Program code that handles exceptions that arise during the running of a program
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