1. Name the Core Values
    • Life Long Learning
    • Inclusiveness
    • Leadership through Service
  2. What did Mary Kay Ash say about sales
    "Pretend everyone around you has a sign around their neck that says,' make me feel important' not only will you success in sales, but in life"
  3. When and where was phi sigma sigma founded
    November 26th 1913 Hunter College New York
  4. Who were the Founders
    Lillian Gordon, Ethel Gordon, Josephine Ellison, Shirley Cohen, Fay Chertkoff, Clair Wunder, Estell Melnick, Rose Sher, Jeanette Lipka, Gwen Zelils,
  5. What are the twin Ideals?
    The brotherhood of mankind and alleviation of the world's pain
  6. What is the mission statement?
    To inspire personal development of each sister and perpetuate the advancement of womanhood
  7. What is the Vision Statement?
    Phi Sigma Sigma is a dynamic sisterhood of powerful women fostering uncompromising principles, igniting positive change, and embracing individuality
  8. What is our Flower?
    American Beauty Rose
  9. What is our Motto
    Diokete Hupsala- Aim High
  10. What are our Colors?
    King Blue and Gold
  11. What is our Stone?
  12. What is our Hymn?
    The Lieberstraum
  13. What is our Symbol?
  14. What is the Mission Statement of the foundation
    To generate funds for the educational and philanthropic activities of the fraternity. Encourage lifelong learning, and engage in charitable endeavors
  15. What is the Vision statement of the foundation
    The advancement of womanhood through personal growth, intellectual development, and selfless giving
  16. Who are the Board of directors and their positions?
    • Katie Hershchede- Pres
    • Marianne Cohen- VP
    • Kim Hildred-past grand archon, secretar
    • Judith Slater- Treasurer
    • Judith distler- Past GA, Director
    • Pamela Downey- GA, Director
    • Aggie Malter- Director
    • Elizabeth Rodriguez- Director
    • Melissa Rcketts- Development officer
    • Erin Leahey- Director of Development
    • Michelle Soucy- Foundation Consultant
  17. what does the acheive program stand for?
    Aspire challenge honor integrity engage value excellence
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