Chem 111 Chp 5

  1. activity series
    A list of metals in order of their reactivity as reducing agents.
  2. combustion
    A rapid reaction with oxygen accompanied by a flame and the evolution of heat and light.
  3. corrosion
    The slow oxidation of metals exposed to air or water.
  4. half-reactions
    A hypothetical reaction that constitutes exclusively either the oxidation or the reduction half of a redox reaction and in whose equation the correct formulas for all species taking part in the change are given together with enough electrons to give the correct electrical balance.
  5. ion-electron method
    A method for balancing redox reactions that uses half-reactions.
  6. nonoxidizing acids
    An acid in which the anion is a poorer oxidizing agent than the hydrogen ion
  7. oxidation
    A change in which an oxidation number increases (becomes more positive). A loss of electrons.
  8. oxidation numbers
    The charge that an atom in a molecule or ion would have if all of the electrons in its bonds belonged entirely to the more electronegative atoms; the oxidation state of an atom.
  9. oxidation-reduction reactions
    A chemical reaction in which changes in oxidation numbers occur.
  10. oxidizing acids
    An acid in which the anion is a stronger oxidizing agent than H+
  11. oxidizing agent
    The substance that causes oxidation and that is itself reduced.
  12. redox reactions
    An oxidation–reduction reaction.
  13. reducing agent
    A substance that causes reduction and is itself oxidized
  14. reduction
    A change in which an oxidation number decrease (becomes less positive and more negative). A gain of electrons.
  15. single replacement reaction
    A reaction in which one element replaces another in a compound; usually a redox reaction
  16. skeleton equation
    An unbalanced equation showing only the formulas of reactants and products.
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