Ch.4 Geography

  1. Hydrostatic Equilibrium
    vertical pressure gradient force and the force of gravity are normally of nearly equal valueand operate in opposite directions.
  2. Coriolis
    an apparent deflection do to the force of the earth spinning.
  3. Geostrophic Flow or Wind
    nonaccelerating flow, when the pressure gradient force equals the coriolis force.
  4. Gradient Flow
    a continual mismatch between pressure gradient and coriolis forces causing horizontal wind.
  5. Supergeostrophic Flow
    when the coriolis force exceeds the pressure gradient force and causes the air to turn
  6. Subgeostrophic
    the existence of a weaker coriolis force than the pressure gradient causing the air to turn counterclockwise.
  7. Cyclones
    closed low pressure systems
  8. Anticyclones
    enclosed areas of high pressure marked by roughly circular isobars
  9. Troughs
    elongated areas of low pressure
  10. Ridges
    elongated areas or high pressure
  11. Azimuth
    the degree of angle from due north moving clockwise
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