medical terminology chapter 10

  1. what is the heart
    muscular, cone-shaped organ the size of a fist located behind the sternum
  2. where is the tricuspid valve located
    btwn rt atrium and rt ventricle
  3. where is the mitral valve located
    btwn the lt atrium and lt ventricle
  4. where are the semilunar valves located
    btwn the rt ventricle and pulmonary artery and btwn lt ventricle and aorta
  5. what is the pericardium
    2 layer sac of an external fibrous and an internal serous layer. serous secretes a fluid that facilitates movement of the heart and is called the epicardium
  6. what are the 3 layers of the heart
    epicardium, myocardium, and endocardium
  7. which layer of the heart is the middle
  8. which layer of the heart is the inner lining
  9. which layer of the heart is the covering
  10. what are blood vessels
    tubelike structures that carry blood throughout the body
  11. what are arteries
    blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart
  12. do arteries carry richly or poorly oxygenated blood?
    richly (carries blood away from heart)
  13. what are arterioles?
    smallest arteries
  14. what is the aorta
    the largest artery in body
  15. what is the largest artery in the body?
  16. where does the aorta originate?
    at the left ventricle
  17. where does the aorta descend to?
    through the thorax and abdomen?
  18. what are veins?
    blood vessels that carry blood back to the heart
  19. do veins carry richly or poorly oxygenated blood?
    poorly (carries blood back to the heart)
  20. what are venules?
    smallest veins
  21. what are the largest veins in the body called?
    venae cavae
  22. what are the 2 largest veins in the body called?
    superior and inferior venae cavae
  23. what vein carries blood to the heart from the body parts below the diaphragm?
    inferior vena cava
  24. what vein returns blood to the heart from the upper part of the body?
    superior vena cava
  25. what are capillaries
    microscopic blood vessels that connect arterioles with venules
  26. what is blood composed of?
    plasma, erythrocytes, leukocytes, and thrombocytes
  27. what is plasma
    clear, straw-colored liquid portion of blood in which cells are suspended
  28. what is the make-up of plasma?
    90% H2O 10% proteins, electrolytes, nutrients, etc
  29. what are erythrocytes?
    red blood cells
  30. what are leukocytes?
    white blood cells
  31. what are thrombocytes?
  32. what is serum?
    clear, watery fluid portion of blood that remains after a clot has formed
  33. what is a lymph?
    transparent, colorless, tissue fluid (when in lymphatic system), contains lymphocytes and monocytes
  34. what are lymphatic vessels?
    tubes that transport lymph
  35. what are lymph nodes?
    small spherical bodies that filter lymph to keep bacteria and waste from entering the blood
  36. what is the spleen
    largest lymphatic organ in the body, blood flows through it and is cleaned
  37. what is the thymus gland
    one of primary lymphatic organs, plays a major role in the development of the immune system from infancy to puberty and atrophies once puberty is hit
  38. angi/o
  39. aort/o
  40. arteri/o
  41. atri/o
  42. cardi/o
  43. lymphaden/o
    lymph node
  44. lymph/o
    lymph, lymph, tissue
  45. myel/o
    bone marrow
  46. phleb/o, ven/o
  47. plasm/o
  48. splen/o
  49. thym/o
    thymus gland
  50. valv/o, valvul/o
  51. ventricul/o
  52. ather/o
    yellowish, fatty plaque
  53. ech/o
  54. electr/o
    electricity, electrical activity
  55. isch/o
    deficiency, blockage
  56. therm/o
  57. thromb/o
  58. -ac
    pertaining to
  59. -apheresis
  60. -graph
    instrument used to record; record
  61. -odynia
  62. -penia
    abnormal reduction in number
  63. -poiesis
  64. -sclerosis
  65. acute coronary syndrome (ACS)
    sudden symptoms of insufficient blood supply to the heart indicating unstable angina or acute myocardial infarction
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