ch 5

  1. demographic transition
    • the decline in moraltity followed by a decline in natality that occurs as countries become industrialized

  2. desertification
    • the process of desert formation and expansion

  3. doubling time
    • the number of years in which a poulation would double in size if the then present growth rates were to remain constant

  4. fecundity
    • The reporductive capacity of an organism

  5. fertility rate
    • the number of live births per 1000 women between the ages of 15 and 49

  6. infant mortality
    • the number of deaths per 1000 individuals between birth and one year of age.

  7. life expactancy
    • the estimated life span at the time of birth or the number of years that an indivual of any given age may expect, on the average, to live

  8. malnutrition
    • a condition resulting from lack of food, a deficiency of one or more essential nutrients, or genentic or environmental illness in which there is interference with digestion, abosorption, or metabolism. too much food or too much of one tpe of nutrient is also regarded as a form of malnutrition

  9. median age
    • The age at which exactly half the population is younger and half is older
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