The Austral Realm

  1. Which of the following statements about the physical environment of the Austral realm is false?

    D) New Zealand has a plateau interior, while Australia's interior is mostly desert.
  2. The animals found in Australia who carry their young in pouches are collectively known as:

    C) Marsupials
  3. _____________ is the study of flora and fauna in spatial perspective.

    B) Biogeography
  4. Wallace's Line refers to:

    A) the line separating Australian species from non-Australian species
  5. Native Americans are shown as:

    C) Aborigines
  6. Native Australians came to the landmass __________ years ago.

    C) 50,000
  7. Australia is seeing its most significant growth in immigration from:

    C) East Asia
  8. For many years, Australia had an immigration policy that:

    D) allowed only white people to enter the country
  9. Today, about ________% of Australia's population is from the British Isles

    B) 33
  10. Which of the following is not one of Australia's three major problems mentioned in the text?

    E) all of the above are major Australian problems mentioned in the text
  11. Which of the following statements is false?

    C) Most Australians live in rural areas.
  12. Which of the following cities is located nearest the Australian capital of Canberra?

    D) Melbourne
  13. The governmental structure of Australia is that of a:

    C) federal republic
  14. Australia's major trading partner is:

    A) Japan
  15. The island off the south coast of Australia is in the:

    C) Tasmania
  16. Most of the core area of Australia is in the:

    B) southeast
  17. About __% of Australians live in cities or towns.

    C) 85
  18. The Australian capital city is:

    C) Canberra, a federal district
  19. The rural areas of Australia are known as the:

    A) Outback
  20. Australia's big three income earners are:

    A) wool, meat, and wheat
  21. Which of the following is true?

    E) All of the above are false
  22. The agricultural activity most closely associated with Australia's moistest environment is:

    B) dairying
  23. Australia had recognized Indonesia's occupation of which area?

    E) East Timor
  24. A minority group of Polynesian ancestry in New Zealand is the:

    B) Maori
  25. The interior of New Zealand:

    C) contains rugged highlands that are sparsely populated
  26. Which of the following is true?

    B) While much of interior Australia is desert, much of interior New Zealand is mountains
  27. Which of the following is located on New Zealand's North Island?

    B) Auckland
  28. The historic agreement between the Maori and Europeans in New Zealand is known as the Treaty of:

    A) Waltangi
  29. Australia's plants and animals are closely related to those in Africa.
  30. Biogeography is divided into the fields of climatology and geomorphology.
  31. Biogeography was founded by von Humboldt.
  32. Australia does not permit the immigration of people with other than European ancestry.
  33. Australia is the only world region that lies completely in the southern hemisphere.
  34. Australia is ahead economically of all Pacific Rim countries but Japan.
  35. Asians constitute the majority of Australia's immigrants
  36. Sydney, Australia's largest city, contains more than one-fifth of the country's entire population.
  37. Australia is a federal unit consisting of six states and two federal territories
  38. Sydney, Australia's modern capital, overcame competition from Melbourne to be selected as the national headquarters.
  39. The proportion of Australia's population living in urban areas is presently only about half that found in the European realm.
  40. More than 85% of Australians live in cities and towns on or near the coast.
  41. Australia has one of the world's largest sheep herds, producing about one-third of all the wool sold in the world.
  42. The crop grown in a zone extending from the vicinity of Adelaide into Victoria and New South Wales, makes Australia one of the world's leading wheat exporters.
  43. Wheat is Australia's largest commercial crop.
  44. Broken Hill and Mount Isa are both mineral-rich areas of Australia.
  45. New Zealand is located about 1,700 kilometers (over 1,000 miles) northeast of Australia.
  46. Whereas Australia's population exhibits a strongly peripheral pattern of distribution, New Zealand's population is much more evenly distributed.
  47. About half of all land in New Zealand is presently in pasture
  48. In contrast to Australia, New Zealand's economy is mainly industrial.
  49. In response to its rugged topography and productive opportunities, New Zealand's major towns lie on the country's coasts.
  50. New Zealand's interior is as sparsely populated as Australia's.
  51. The Maori feel that the Treaty of Waitangi must be enforced
  52. Northern Territory

    A) Darwin
  53. North Island city

    E) Auckland
  54. Integrating into New Zealand society

    E) Maori
  55. Capital of Western Australia

    C) Perth
  56. Sydney harbor

    D) New South Wales
  57. The capital of New Zealand is ______________.
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