1. the Fascist Party led by him. The party first emerged in Italy
    Benito Mussolini
  2. Charismatic. not German - born in Austria-Hungry. Fought in the first world war under German military. Wrote a book called Mein Kampf (my struggle). Time Magazine's man of the year, (because of the Autobahn (highway) that was built by him and the Nazis. Targeted for assassination several times.
    Adolph Hitler
  3. Represents/ Premier of France. Signed the alliance called the Axis Pact
    Eduard Deladier
  4. Prime minister of great Britain. Signed the alliance called the Axis Pact
    Neville Chamberlein
  5. Communist dictator. Not invited to Munich Conference. Made a decision that will shock the world. Aug of 1939, Germany and Soviet Union will announce that they have formed the Non-aggression Pact
    Joseph Stalin
  6. Walter Millius
  7. Black american athlete. ties and sets three world records and wins four gold medals. He humiliates Hitler, because Hitler is racist
    Jesse Owens
  8. German. challenger of Joe Louis in the match held in NY in 1938
    Max Schemelling
  9. An african american. The current heavyweight boxing champion
    Joe Louis
  10. Films the entire event for use as an intimidation (Blitzkrig - Lightning war)
    Hans Bartram
  11. American ambassador to Britain, He had a lot of contact with Hitler. He notices how well Hitler is getting things done. All those rumors of extremism he said where to get the country back on track. he predicted that Hitler would tone down once the country recovered.
    Joseph Kennedy
  12. Journalist who had a syndicated column. She tried to warn her readers that Adolph Hitler and the Germans posed a real threat not just for world peace but also American interests. Been kicked out of Germany. Had seen the Nazis first hand. no one listened
    Dorthy Thompson
  13. One of Hiter's physicians. He played to the hypochondria and encouraged it. He didn't treat his mind, He came up with a bizarre treatment. Hitler was injected everyday with a serum that came from a bull testosterone, and one from the sweat of Bulgarian Women
    Theodore Morrell
  14. German airforce leader. Given the responsibility by Hitler of the Operation Sea Lion (invade British Isles)
    Hermann Goring
  15. Leader for the British survival. has incredible charisma who is very inspiring to people. Leader of the Battle of Britain.
    Winston Churchill
  16. Hideki Tojo
  17. Secretary of State, meeting with the Japanese delegate
    Cordell Hull
  18. Brilliant strategist. planned the attack in two waves at Pearl Harbor.
    Isoruko Yamamoto
  19. Chester Nimitz
  20. Douglas MacArthur
  21. Henry Kaiser-Prefabrication
  22. Robert Oppenheimer
  23. Lesley Groves
  24. Albert Einstein
  25. Enola Gay
  26. Paul Tibbets
  27. Dwight Eisenhower
  28. Ivy league English professor. Was concerned about the repression that was happening in Germany (free speech prohibited, burning of book, etc). believed Hitler and his ideas posed a threat to freedom of speech and basis civil liberties. no one listened
    Howard M. Jones
  29. The only one who seemed to realize that war with Japan is inevitable. leading advocate for air power. developed B-29, plane that drops atomic bomb in Hiroshima. long range heavy bomber believed this was the weapon of the future when no one else did.
    Billy Mitchell
  30. George Marshall
  31. Omar Bradley
  32. J. Howard McGrath
  33. Martin Dies
  34. Richard Nixon
  35. Lillian Hellman
  36. Pete Seeger
  37. Dashiell Hammett
  38. Lucille Ball
  39. Joseph McCarthy
  40. John F. Kennedy
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