Drivers Training Exam :)

  1. What are four things about round abouts?
    • 1. controlled speed
    • 2. speed limit is 20 mph
    • 3. counter clockwise
    • 4. everyone has the right away over you
  2. What is a child safety seat?
    its a seat for little kids that goes in the middle back seat
  3. What is a restraint seat?
    a seat for people usually eight years old or 4 foot 9
  4. what are 'Do not enter' and 'reversible lane' signs mean?
    traffic moving in your direction is not allowed
  5. What do u have to do for a short acceleration lane?
    allow more time; and a bigger gap for you to get in.
  6. When are you suppose to slow down when exiting the expressway?
    once your off the the expressway completely and on the ramp
  7. Speed limit for Expressway?
    70 mph
  8. Speed limit for rural road?
    55 mph
  9. Speed limit for school?
    25 mph
  10. Speed limit for mobile park?
    15 mph
  11. Speed limit for construction?
    45 mph
  12. Speed limit for residential?
    25 mph
  13. Speed limit for business?
    25 mph
  14. Speed limit for highway?
    55 mph
  15. Speed limit for urban road?
    35 mph
  16. Speed limit for parking lot?
    10 mph
  17. Speed limit for dirt road?
    45 mph
  18. What are the two kinds of Rumble strips and what do they do?
    • On road: warn you of upcoming road changes
    • On shelter/side of road: keeps you from going off the road
  19. What is Systematic?
    its an orderly system and u drive with your field of vision and peripherals
  20. how far ahead should you look while on highways and expressways?
    20-30 secs
  21. how far ahead should you look while driving on suburban or city roads?
    10-15 secs or 1 city block
  22. how far should you follow behind a vehicle when the speed is 45mph or higher?
    4 seconds
  23. How far should you drive behind a vehicle when the speed limit is 45mph or lower?
    3 seconds
  24. What is a Power Skid (Burn out)? and what do u do when it happens?
    its when you press on the accelerator to hard and fast. you keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and take your foot off the pedals
  25. What is a braking skid? and what do you do when it happens?
    its when you apply the breaks so the front or rear tires lose traction? and you keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and take ur foot off the pedals
  26. What is a Corner skid? and what do you do if it happens?
    its when you turn too fast and all the tires lose tractions. and you keep a firm grip on the wheel and take your feet of the pedals
  27. What is a Blow out skid? and what do you do if it happens?
    its when the tires tear or go flat. and you keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and take your feet of the pedals.
  28. What is Hydroplaning? and what do you do when it happens?
    its when there is a thin film of water on the road and your tires lose traction. and you keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and take ur feet of the pedals.
  29. When are you suppose to legally turn your lights on?
    when you cant see 500ft in front of you
  30. what is a dwi? and whats the bac?
    Driving While Intoxicated. .08 ^
  31. What is Dui? and what is its bac?
    Driving Under the Influence. .02-.07
  32. What is a Field Sobriety Test? and what are 3 examples?
    Its a test you must take if you are suspected of drunk driving. Walk the line, breathalizer, standing on one foot and touching your nose
  33. What is road rage?
    Bold and Pushy Maneuvers. crime against violence while driving
  34. What are two rules of four way stops?
    • 1. Person who gets there first has the right of way
    • 2. If two people arrive at the same time then the person to the right or the person with the most direct route goes first
  35. What are 3 pre-driving procedures?
    • 1. Check for leaking fluids
    • 2. Check too see if your tires are flat
    • 3. Check your lights, windshield wipers, and your windshield
  36. What is implied consent?
    You legally have to take a field sobriety test if you are suspected of drunk driving.
  37. What is the Zero-Tolerance law?
    underage drinking .001
  38. what are the three types of alcohol? how much alcohol is in each? and how long does it take for effects of it to wear off?
    • 1. Liquor-40%-80%
    • 2. Wine-10%
    • 3. Beer-5%
    • It takes one hour for every alcoholic drink you drink for the effects to wear off.
  39. What do stimulants do? give three examples?
    they speed up the central nervous system (give you a false sense of alertness). amphetamines, speed, caffeine
  40. What do depressants do? give an example?
    Slows downt he central nervous system (hard to judge time, distance, speed) and effects the brain first. ex: alcohol
  41. What does a hallucinogen do?
    its alters your mind
  42. What are Narcotics? give two examples.
    Extreme depressants. heroin, morphine
  43. What should you do if confronted with road rage?
    • 1. allow people to make the mistake
    • 2. avoid eye contact/gestures
    • 3. allow more space
  44. What dont you do if your being tailgated?
    • 1. Brake check
    • 2. being aggressive
    • 3. slow down then speed up
    • 4. pull over to the shoulder
  45. How can you avoid from getting road rage?
    • 1. allow mistakes
    • 2. dont let things escalate
    • 3. stress ball
    • 4. emotions
  46. what are 4 examples of road rage?
    • 1. cutting people off
    • 2. tailgating
    • 3. not yielding the right of way
    • 4. honking horns obnoxiously
  47. What three documents do you keep in your vehicle at all times?
    • 1. proof of insurance
    • 2. registration
    • 3. Drivers license
  48. What is the Michigan Basic Speed Law?
    it states that you must drive at a careful and prudent speed
  49. What does a Regulatory sign do? what color is it?
    it controls movement of the road. its red, white, or black
  50. What does a warning sign do? what color is it?
    Warns about upcomig changes in the road. yellow/black or orange/black
  51. What does a guide sign do? What color are they?
    they inform. brown/white or blue/white.
  52. What is a Fixed Speed Limit?
    its a speed limit that never changes
  53. What is an Advisory Speed Limit?
    its a chance of the speed for a certain amount of time.
  54. What do White lines indicate?
    traffic in the same direction
  55. What does a Yellow line indicate?
    traffic in the opposite direction
  56. What does a broken yellow line indicate?
    Discourages passing
  57. What does a broken white line indicate?
    pass when needed
  58. Driving means managing what three things?
    speed, time, and distance
  59. Who regulates the Highway Transportation System? Name three?
    • State gov
    • Fed gov
    • Local gov
  60. What is the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Act?
    all cars must have proper seat belts, air bags, and shatter proof glass
  61. What is a Level one license?
    its the licencse you get when you complete drivers training and can drive with anyone over the age of 21 with a legal drivers license.
  62. What is a Level three license?
    An unrestricted license
  63. What is the MI point system?
    when you get a ticket you get points based on your offense. the more points you have the worse.
  64. What is the title of the vehicle?
    Its who owns the car and the information about it
  65. What is the purpose of insurance?
    so if you get in an accident you are covered and wont have to pay as much money for the damages.
  66. What does an Advanced Railroad sign look like?
    Its a yellow circle with black markings.
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