Pajama Game

    • Hasler:
    • What right has the Union to run their Coca-Cola machine with our electricity?
    • It’s just as Fultion Lewis Jr said last night. (on the radio. (Breaks of suddenly and turns to Sid)
    • Do you listen to Fulton Lewis Jr, Sorokin?
  2. Sid:
    Well, I’m rather flexible in the matter.
    • Hasler:
    • Say, he's got their number.
    • Keen mind.
    • One of the greatest thinkers in the country today.
    • Should listen to him every night.
    • It ought to be in every executive’s contract.
    • Bangs book
    • What’s this?
    • Picks book up
    • This book shouldn’t be left lying around
    • Gladys enters
    • Gladys!
  3. Gladys: Yes?
    • Hasler:
    • Where have you been?
  4. Gladys:
    I’ve been to the ladies. Isn’t that all right?
    • Hasler:
    • But this book-
  5. Gladys:
    Oh, Mr Hasler, you scared the life out of me.
    Look., I’ve got the key around my neck. It’s all right.
    • Hasler:
    • I don’t want it left lying around. Is that clear?
  6. Gladys: Yes Mr Hasler.
    • Hasler:
    • If I can’t trust Gladys, who can I trust?
  7. Sid:
    I wouldn’t know
    • Hasler:
    • What was my book doing here anyway?
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