idioms lesson 2

  1. acabar de+ infinitive
    to have just
  2. acabar por+infinitive
    to end by, to finally
  3. acercarse a
    to approach
  4. acordarse de
    to remember
  5. alegrarse de
    to be glad of (to)
  6. alejarse de
    to go away from
  7. apoderarse de
    to take possession of
  8. apoyarse en
    to lean against (on)
  9. apresurarse a+ infinitive
    to hurry to
  10. arrepentirse de
    to repent
  11. asomarse a
    to look out of, to appear at (a window)
  12. atreverse a+ infinitive
    to dare to
  13. burlarse de
    to make fun of
  14. carecer de
    to lack
  15. casarse (con)
    to marry, to get married (to)
  16. consentir en
    to consent to
  17. contar con
    to rely on, to count on
  18. consistir en
    to consist of
  19. convenir en
    to agree on (to)
  20. cuidar a
    to take care of (a person)
  21. cuidar de
    to take care of (a thing)
  22. cumplir con
    to fulfill, to keep (a promise, one's word)
  23. dejar caer
    to drop
  24. dejar de + infinitive
    to fail to, to stop to neglect
  25. dirigirse a
    to address, to make one's way
  26. disponerse a + infinitive
    to get ready to
  27. echarse a + infinitive
    to start to, to begin to
  28. echar al correo
    to mail
  29. echar de menos
    to miss
  30. echar la culpa (a)
    to blame
  31. empeƱarse en + infinitive
    to insist on, to persist in
  32. enamorarse de
    to fall in love with
  33. encogerse de hombros
    to shrug one's shoulders
  34. enterarse de
    to become aware of, to find out about
  35. estar a punto de + infinitive
    to be about to
  36. estar conforme (con)
    to be in agreement (with)
  37. estar de acuerdo (con)
    to be in agreement (with)
  38. estar de vuelta
    to be back
  39. estar para+ infinitive
    to be about to
  40. estar por
    to be in favor of
  41. fiarse de
    to trust
  42. fijarse en
    to stare at, to notice
  43. gozar de
    to enjoy
  44. guardar cama
    to stay in bed
  45. insistir en
    to insist on
  46. llegar a ser
    to become, to get to be
  47. llevar a cabo
    to carry out
  48. negarse a+ infinitive
    to refuse to
  49. oír hablar de
    to hear about
  50. oler a
    to smell of, to smell like
  51. olvidarse de
    to forget
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