NSG 325 Week 1 part 2

  1. what does the cerebrum do?
    thought, behavior, voluntary body movements, sensory perception and interpretation
  2. what does the diencephalon do?
    connects cerebrum with lower brain, integrates sensory input, controls autonomic nervous system, appetite and temperature, emotions, sexuality and social behavior
  3. what does the mesencephalon do?
    visual, auditory and balance reflexes
  4. what does the pons do?
    regulation of breathing and muscles tone
  5. what does the medulla do?
    pathway for ascending and descending fiber tracts, regulates hr, bp, breathing, reflexes for swallowing, coughing and vomiting
  6. what does the cerebellum do?
    posture and equilibrium
  7. what does the forebrain do?
    • cerebrum and diencephalon
    • thought, memory, senses, concentration, hormones, ANS, appetite, limbic system
  8. what does the midbrain do?
    reflexes - visual, auditory and balance
  9. what does the hindbrain do?
    regulates respiration, skeletal muscle tone, hr, bp, coordination and muscle tone, posture, equilibrium
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NSG 325 Week 1 part 2
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