Merchant of Venice Test

  1. What are the 3 "images" that remain of Shakespeare?
    • Chandos Portrait
    • Droeshout Engraving
    • Janssen's Statue at Holy Trinity Church
  2. True or False. We don't know exactly how many plays he wrote or in what order he wrote them.
  3. How many words do we have in Shakespeare's hand writing?
    fourteen words. His name signed 6 times, and the words "by me" on his will.
  4. Who was Shakespeare's wife?
    Anne Hathaway
  5. What did Shakespeare leave Anne Hathaway in his will?
    his second best bed
  6. True or False. Shakespeare's sexuality is an unknown mystery
  7. What year was Shakespeare born in?
  8. What day was Shakespeare born?
    April 23, Saint George's day
  9. When was Shakespeare baptized?
    April 26
  10. On what day did shakespeare die?
    April 23, 52 years later after his birthday.
  11. What calender was Shakespeare born under? What is his "modern day birthdate"?
    Julian, May 3
  12. How long had Elizabeth been queen when Shakespeare was born?
    5 years, would reign for 39 more.
  13. What are recusants?
    Catholics who did not wish to attend Anglican services and paid a fine.
  14. What are Church Papist or Cold Statue Protestants?
    Those who were prepared to support Protestantism so long as it required, but happy or eager to become Catholics again if the circumstances altered
  15. How many deaths must be reached for all public performances (besides church going) to be banned in London?
  16. What were the two biggest cities in Europe besides London?
    Paris and Naples
  17. What was the life expectancy in London?
  18. What city was the largest and busiest place in Europe and headquarters for the English monarch and government?
  19. What stylish new item was making its way into England from France?
  20. What are piccadills?
    increasingly exotic ruffs
  21. What is the Royal Exchange? Who built it?
    One of the world's first shopping malls, Sir Thomas Gresham
  22. When was the main meal taken?
  23. What beverage was drunk copiously?
  24. Who was Shakespeare's first child?
  25. When was his first child baptized?
    May of 1583
  26. Who paid a penny or a half penny to see Shakespeare's plays?
    the groundlings
  27. How many people did the Globe theater seat?
    between 2000-3000
  28. Where did costume changes take place?
    The Tiring House
  29. What is a masque?
    Entertainment form for high end, dress up in fancy costume and wear mask
  30. What were the career levels?
    • Apprentice--> Journeyman--> Master--> Sharer--> Partowner
    • Shakespeare was sharer and partowner of the Globe
  31. Who is the eponymous character of Merchant of Venice?
  32. What is a Ghetto?
    a restricted area in Europe for Jews or other foreigners
  33. What is usury?
    • The sin of loaning something and expecting more in return (interest in loans)
    • Sin for Christians and Catholics, but not Jews
  34. in medias res
    to begin in the middle
  35. What was the 1290 Edict of Expulsion
    • King Edward I had all Jews expelled from England
    • (Shakespeares audience and himself had no concept of what a Jew was, so they used stereotypes)
  36. Where is the first place we see plays broken into acts?
  37. What are the rules set up by Portia's father in order to win her hand in marriage?
    • 1) Whoever picks the right casket gets to marry Portia
    • 2) If they choose wrong they must immediately leave and vow to never marry if they are wrong
  38. How does Act 1 begin?
    in medias res
  39. Who does Portia hope chooses the wrong casket, because of the color of his skin?
    Prince of Morroco
  40. How much does Bassanio need to borrow in order to impress Portia?
    3 thousand ducats
  41. What does Shylock hate Antonio?
    • 1) He is a Christian
    • 2) He doesn't charge interest, messes with the rate of usance
    • 3) Antonio hates Jews, and ridicules shylock
  42. Where does Shylock work?
    In the rialto
  43. What deal do Antonio and Shylock make?
    Antonio must pay back the three thousand ducats in three months, Shylock gets to take a pound of his flesh
  44. Which casket does the Prince of Morroco choose?
  45. What does Shylock do before he leaves for the masque?
    He gives Jessica his keys, and tells her to watch the house and lock the doors. He also tells her to ignore the sounds of the masquerade
  46. What does Jessica plan to do?
    Runaway with Lorenzo and convert, and steal her fathers jewels and riches
  47. Which casket does Arragon choose?
  48. What is inside the gold casket?
  49. What is inside the silver casket?
    a blinking idiot
  50. What is inside the lead casket?
    A picture of Portia
  51. Who picks the correct casket?
    Bassanio picks the correct casket (lead)
  52. What does Portia give to Bassanio once they are married?
    a ring that he must never take off
  53. Who does Nerissa marry?
    Gratiano, also gives him a ring
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