Chp. 10 Voc

  1. Suffrage
    The right to vote
  2. Chartist Movement
    Members of the working class demanded reforms in Parliament and in elections, including suffrage for all men
  3. Anti-Semitism
    Prejudice against Jews
  4. Zionism
    A movement founded in the 1890s to promote the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine
  5. Dominion
    A nation allowed to govern its own domestic affairs
  6. Maori
    A Polynesion people who had settled in New Zealand
  7. Aborigine
    A member of any of the native peoples of Australia
  8. Penal Colony
    A place where convicts were sent to serve their sentences
  9. Home Rule
    A control over internal matters granted to the residents of a region by a ruling government
  10. Irish Republican Army
    An unofficial military force seeking independence for Ireland
  11. Secede
    Withdraw from the Union
  12. Segregation
    Seperation of blacks and whites in the South
  13. Assembly Line
    A line of workers who each put single piece on unfinished cars as they passed on a moving belt
  14. Theory of Evolution
    Darwin's idea of change through natural selection
  15. Radioactivity
    A form of energy released as atoms decay
  16. Psychology
    The study of the human mind and behavior
  17. Mass Culture
    The appeal of art, writing, music, and other forms of entertainment to a larger audience
  18. Manifest Destiny
    The idea among mid-19th century Americans, that it was the right and the duty of the US to rule America from Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean
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