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  1. what are some species in entrobacteriea group?
    • escherchia
    • salmonella
    • entrobacter
    • yersinia
    • shigella
  2. what does term Enteric mean?
    Relating to intestine
  3. what are some general characterestics associated with Entrobactereae?
    • gram negative
    • fimbrease and sex pili
    • might be motile (pertrichous flagella)
    • may have capsule
  4. what are some physiological factors associated with Entrobactereae?
    • ferments glucose
    • reduce nitrate
    • oxidase negative
    • catalase positive
    • facultative anaerobe
  5. what are some colony morphology associated with Entrobactereae?
    • the are moist gray smooth colonies on non.selective media ( blood agar)
    • special media is used for separation of genera and species
  6. what is features of McConley agar allowing it to be used for culturing Entrobacterea species?
    • Crystal violet inhibits Gram positive
    • it allows for differentiation between lactose fermentors ( e.coli and Klebsiella) presence of pink colonies Vs. non.fermentors ( shigella, salmonella)
  7. how many antigenic structures are present in Entrobacterea?
    • K/Vi ( capsule)
    • H ( flagellar)
    • O ( somatic ))
    • Lps ( antigen)
  8. what is flagella?
    • multiple flagelin subunits anchored in bacterial cell wall
    • 20 micro m long
    • important for motility
    • binds to epithelia cell
  9. what is fimbrea?
    • helically arranged identical subunits ( some carry adhesins)
    • length .5-10 micro m
    • not for motility
    • binds to epithelial cells of intestine and respiratory tract.
  10. what is TTSS?
    • it is a factor that all pathogen in Entrobacteriae group rely on for virulance
    • it is a multi protein complex
    • only expressed only after infection of host
    • syringe like
    • used to inject virulance factor into host cell
  11. Somatic (o) antigen structure includes:
    • Core polysacharide
    • O specific oligosacharide
    • Lipid A ( endotoxin, Part causing toxic shock)
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